How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to Airtel & Other Networks in 2022

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Not sure how to transfer Airtime on the Airtel network from one line to another if you have an Airtel SIM card? You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Transferring airtime from one line to another is not difficult at all. You just have to follow the right steps.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the largest communications networks in Nigeria, with over 60 million members.

This post will demonstrate how simple it is to transfer airtime from one line to another on the Airtel Network.

Airtel Me2U

The Airtel Me2U service is unique in that it lets subscribers to share their credit and data with other Airtel Network users.

This allows you to recharge your line and share it with your family, friends, or coworkers, so long as they are on the Airtel network.

It is essential to know, however, that you cannot transfer more than N5,000 every day. Find out how to share data with Airtel.

How to change your Me2U default Transfer Pin

To protect the security of your transactions, you must update your default PIN to a new one. You can achieve this by following these steps:

In the text message field, enter PIN, default PIN, and new PIN. The given PIN is 0000 6565

Transmit the message to 432

If this is successful, you will receive a notice stating that your PIN has been changed to 6565.

After this, you are able to transfer your credit to any other Airtel Mobile user.

Transferring Credit to Airtel Lines:

How to transfer airtime from airtel to airtel

To borrow data from airtel line, simply take the following steps:

On the line you wish to transfer from, dial *432#.

Select Airtime Transfer

Enter the recipient’s number.

Input your Me2U pin

Respond with 1 to validate the transfer.

In addition to the foregoing approach, you can transfer airtime by sending a text message to 432 containing the 2u Phone Number Amount PIN. If you wish to transfer N1,000 and your PIN is 6565, you would send 2u 08012345678 1,000 6565 to 432.

Note that all successful transfers cost N10 each. However, there are no fees associated with PIN changes or service requests.

How to transfer Airtel airtime to other networks

Maybe you want to know how to transfer airtime from airtel to other networks such as mtn, Glo and 9mobile. You’re not the only one who think that way. We’ve always been there.

The truth is that you cannot transfer airtel airtime to other networks. You can only send airtel airtime or data to Airtel and not the other way round.

Airtel Credit me

The Airtel Credit me service allows users to request airtime and pay for it on their next recharge.

One of the fantastic features of this service is the ability to request airtime from a friend or family member on the Airtel network.

Therefore, if you do not have enough airtime to make an emergency call, you can ask your friends and family for help.

To accomplish this, simply dial *141*8*recipient number#. The recipient will then receive a message from you requesting recharging (Please Credit Me).


After reading this, you should be able to transfer Airtime from your line to others on the Airtel network, we believe. Me2U is a tremendous initiative by Airtel.

You are not need to search for Airtime vouchers prior to recharging your friends and family. All that is required is a transfer.

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