Oduduwa nation Anthem lyrics and video – so inspiring

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This is the official Oduduwa national anthem lyrics. It is full of wisdom and inspirational words and emphasizes on the fact that everyone is born equal and should be treated with fairness and equity.

Oduduwa Anthem lyrics

1. Ìṣe wá fún lẹ̀ wa

Fòrílẹ́ ìbì wá

Kà gbé gá 3x

Fáa yè ri

2. Ìgbàgbo wa ni pé

Bà tì bẹru là bo mọ́

Kà sise 3x

Ka jọ̀la

3. Iṣọ̀kán atominira

Ni kẹ jẹ ka mà le pá

Tẹ̀sìwaju gbògbò ire

Àtohun tó dàra

4. Ọ̀mí odùa didí

Bọ̀ sì ipo ẹtọ rẹ́

Ìwọ ni ìmole

Ògo adulàwo

English Version

Note that this English version is not official. We put it up for non Yoruba speaking people to have a glimpse of what is in the Oduduwa Republic anthem.

1. There is a work for our land

For the land of our birth

Lets support it 3x

For every one to see

2. Our core belief is that

A slave is born a child

We must work 3x

And be blessed

3. United and freedom stand

Let this be our major goal

Progressing, forever

For all good things in life

4. Children of Oodua arise

And possess your father land

You are the

shinning star

Glory of Africa

Videos of Yoruba Nation Anthem

Video with lyrics

Children singing Oduduwa Anthem

Heart touching, these kids sings Yoruba national anthem from their hearts

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