Nigerians both home and in diaspora have taken to their various social media pages with expression “I am Igbo too” or IamIgboToo to stand in solidarity with the Igbos after they were threatened by the federal government of Nigeria.

President Buhari in a thread of tweets today said he’s ready to give a second civil war to the Igbos if they don’t stop causing agitation for Biafra.

After some hours Twitter deleted the tweets because they found these tweet genocidal and violation to their policy.

Some Nigerians see this action by Twitter is a welcome development, as they believe that Igbos have suffered enough in Nigeria.

To support the Igbo and make them know that it is not everyone in Nigeria that hates them, Nigerians have, therefore, come up with a hashtag #IamIgboToo (I am igbo too).

According to a Twitter user identified as Lot Samuel, “As a kid from the Plateau, I grew with Igbos. I schooled with Igbos. I worked and still working with Igbos. I do learn business, hardwork & dignity in Labour from Igbos.. Most of my friends are Igbos. #IamIgbotoo

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Akanni of Lagos said:

” The tribal hatred against Ndi-Igbo for decades could happen to any tribe. Don’t feel less concerned about it. If you can not show solidarity, just keep quiet.

Think about it. Why would a nation/government demonize her citizen. On no account should that even happen.
I am Igbo Too”

Andrea said, For Akudo, for Milly, for Chukwuma, for my cousins who are half Tiv and Igbo, for Odera, for Oluchi, for Blessing, for Amanda, for every Igbo person out there- friend or stranger- I will continue to speak truth to power. IamIgboToo

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Dr Dípò Awojide tweeted

Standing in solidarity with my Igbo brothers and sisters, I call for a de-escalation of the carnage going on in South East Nigeria, dialogue, and common sense solutions. These are better alternatives to militarisation by the FG & violence by unknown gunmen. #IamIgboToo #Ozoemena

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