Rita Akoji, an upcoming Nollywood actress, has revealed she used to have a big crush on Nollywood superstar, Ramsey Nouah. Rita, who was a greenhorn then said she had some fantasies about the handsome actor and she poured out her heart to Potpourri in a chat.

“I fantasized about Ramsey Nouah a lot when I began my acting journey. I loved him so much that I fantasized about having an erotic scene with him. He is still my favourite actor and I admire him a lot. But if you ask me if I still have those feelings I would just say I’m much wiser and older now. However, I will give anything to be in the same movie with him,” Rita says.

Recently Rita came under heavy fire when she declared in an interview, also published by Potpourri, that she doesn’t like religious men and won’t want to date any.

“What attracts me to the opposite sex are looks and wisdom. You have to be ambitious, smart, and handsome! I don’t like religious men though,” she had said.

Even though many did not agree with her, the actress gave her reasons.

“There’s a difference between spirituality and religion. A spiritual man knows the difference between good and evil and when evil seems like good he stays back at good. A religious man is indoctrinated, he knows the difference between good and evil but indoctrination makes him not differentiate evil that seems like a good,” she explained.

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