Nollywood actor, Abimbola Kazeem, popularly known as Jigan Baba Oja, is undoubtedly a person with no feeling of inferiority complex even though he is physically challenged. In his opinion, he will always celebrate plenty of years of living with his disability.

It is no news that the actor has never let his disability hinder him from doing things other people do; hence, looking down on himself because of his disability has never happened.

KemifilaniNews recalls the actor had developed a physical condition at an early stage of his life due to the wrong placement of injection. He lost the activeness of his second leg in the process.

According to the actor, those with his type of condition often do not want to walk in the same direction as him because of their states, as he revealed that anyone he comes across with that kind of behaviour would be embarrassed by forcefully holding hands with them.

The actor said creating awareness for the world to know they are unique beings is crucial as he will always celebrate his years of disability.

He wrote:

I noticed anyone living with my kind of physical challenge doesn’t like to walk in my direction if we see each other walking on the road. I will embarrass one of us when I see you walking and you see me and you want to change direction. I will hold your hand the walk together😃 We need each other to make the world knows we are special

I will celebrate plenty years of living with disability

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Source: ‘I will celebrate plenty years of living with disability’, Actor Jigan spills

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