A Nigerian pastor, Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi has asked Nigerian police and the United States government to investigate Apostle Johnson Suleman Miracle money which he claim was served to his church members by angels.

In a video containing clips from the Holy Spirit Conference held in Ochi, Edo State in June and the impact of the 2021 plan in Atlanta, USA In July, Suleiman announced that monies would be credited to the bank accounts of some members.

As the video shows, many members testified that they received the “angelic money” instant credit alert. “Here’s a miracle alert; you just received a $ 1,000 miracle alert. Miracle money!” Suleiman yelled. “Since you are here, come here.

The angel will start depositing money into your account.” One member that came out even said they received an alert for $ 989 and 70 cents. “Dad, here’s a miracle,” said one. “You said it around 8:12. It’s 8:13. He’s already counted some zeros.”

A video blogger named Barogon, Israel, later exposed the money miracle “meeting” and was arrested by the police.

In a letter addressed to the Attorney General of the United States of America through the Office of the Legal Commissioner of the United States Embassy in Abuja on July 23, 2021, Apostle Akinyemi requested that this incident be investigated because he “can provide information to the church, global community and can also cause the Christian faith to be vilified, ridiculed and ridiculed. ”

He said: “I hereby request a thorough investigation of Pastor Suleiman’s claim that he received a miracle bank alert from the congregation at a meeting somewhere in Atlanta, USA.

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If there is no address, the nature of the Miracle is able to make fun of your bank system. “The incident captured on video, with the link attached here as evidence, took place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The mentioned man of God is a Nigerian, and his ministry is located in Oki Edo state. We are interested The thing is, this is the model in which the American church has become its global counterpart. Johnson Suleman miracle money

“Investigating this incident is a desirable step because it can send misinformation to the world church community and can also humiliate, ridicule and ridicule the Christian faith. Going public with such an unfounded statement would undermine the security mechanisms of the banking system because the congregation claimed have received an alert from an unknown source.

“The Nigerian Police Special Fraud Department has been informed of this unpleasant development and has undertaken to investigate, but since this manipulation of the banking system took place in the United States, we have a responsibility to inform you of your responsibilities.

We look forward to it. your positive response, I will also provide any biblical interpretation information that may be relevant to your research process.

Still on the Apostle Johnson Suleman miracle money, in his petition to the Police Commissioner’s Special Fraud Team on July 23, 2021, the pastor requested an investigation into the pastor’s claims.

The petition read: “I hereby request a thorough investigation of Pastor Apostle Suleman’s allegation that the parishioners received a miracle money alert receipt after praying at a meeting in Atlanta, the United States. United States.”

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“This incident occurred in a video in Atlanta, Georgia, with a link as evidence. Said is a Nigerian and his ministry is located in Ochi, Edo State.

“It is convenient to investigate this incident because it can send wrong information to the public and lead to discredit, ridicule, and ridicule of the Christian faith.

“Publicizing such unsubstantiated statements would undermine the security mechanisms of the banking system, because the parishioners claimed to have received alerts from various banks.

“I look forward to your positive response because I will provide any biblical interpretation information that may be relevant to the investigation process.”

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