Is Michelle Obama A Transgender Woman? There has been lots of rumors online that the former first lady of the United States of America is a transgender woman. After proper investigation, we’ve come up with the truth, and here is it.

It’s very common these days to see people going about with unconfirmed rumors. In fact, it’s easy to cook up stories and sell it to undiscerning folks.

All that is needed is for Someone on social media to post a twisted idea or theory about a popular person and before you knew it, everything went viral.

Is Michelle Obama A Transgender?

Michelle Obama is not and has never been a transgender. The wife of President Barack Obama is a straight woman. All the rumors of her being transgender is fake.

People started making claims about her being a transgender woman ever since a standup act by the late comedian, Joan Rivers. Rives made a joke about both Barack Obama and his wife being gay in her stand-up acts once.

People clearly took the joke seriously and started making insane claims on the internet about Michelle Obama’s sexuality. However, comedian Rivers meant it as an uplifting satire about the LGBTQ community.

Hence, it is wiser to ignore conspiracies like these and also inspire people to do the same. Maybe, it’s time we start to make better use of the internet.

Even though some of her childhood photos look like she was a boy. Rest assured that, Michelle Obama did not change her gender from male to female.

Another point that has actually made all the conspiracy theory philosophers keep up with their Michelle Obama transgender claims is the reality that she has a body that almost look like that of a man.

This is although it is the same body structure that her sibling has.

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