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What is Kvallsposten?

Kvallsposten, also known as, KvP, is a Scanian evening newspaper. It was founded in 1948. Since 1998 the newspaper has become a southern Swedish edition of Expressen and thus part of Bonnier Group.

Politically, Kvallsposten Malmo prides and brands itself as a liberal and politically independent news publisher.

Kvallsposten originally makes publication only on Sundays, but became a daily publication in 1950 after it was acquired and merged with Skanska Aftonbladet.

Kvallposten and right-wing were owned by Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snallposten until 1966, when both newspapers were called “independent liberals”.

Between 1990 and 1995, the newspaper was called Idag and works in collaboration with Göteborgs-Tidningen.

Kvallsposten editorial office is located in Malmo and the magazine is published throughout southern Sweden. Also covered areas in publications include Smaland, Oland, Blekinge, southern Vastergotland, Halland and Skåne.


Kvallposten’s journalism contains fast news, broad sports coverage in general and the Malmo FF football team in particular, in-depth and investigative social journalism and entertainment.

Kvallposten is part of Expressen. Among the journalists who work or have worked at Kvallsposten are Patrick Ekwall, Niklas Orrenius, Mikael Olander, Maria Rydhagen, Johan T Lindwall, David Lagercrantz and Federico Moreno.


From the year 1948 to the year 1964, Kvallposten had no editor – in – chief. Between 1950 and 1964, the newspaper was headed by one editor-in-chief.

From 1964 till date, the following is a list of all editors in chief that has worked in Kvallposten

  • Sven-Olof Berlin 1964-1970 (editor-in-chief 1950-1964)
  • Ola Gummesson 1970-1977
  • Ulf Rytterborg 1978-1985
  • Ulf Mörling 1985-1987
  • Roger Carlsson 1987-1989
  • Bengt Hansson 1990-1995
  • Lars Klint 1995-1998
  • Stig Hoffman 1999-2000
  • Per Svensson 2001-2002
  • Staffan Erfors 2002-2008
  • Lars Mohlin 2008-2011
  • Martin Kroon 2011-2016
  • Katrin Säfström 2016-2018
  • Magnus Ringman 2018-2020
  • Maria Rydhagen 2020-

Kvällposten Contacts

Address: Kvallposten Expressen, Radmansgatan 16, 211 46, Malmo

Phone numbers:
40-29 22 16
040-93 92 24

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