‘Lack of adequate electricity hampering data centres in Africa’

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‘Lack of adequate electricity hampering data centres in Africa’

MainOne, a telecommunications service provider, has said access to affordable, reliable, and environmentally sustainable sources of electricity is a pressing issue for the growing number of data centre operators across Africa.

According to the company, data centres need power to mitigate downtime, but many African countries cannot provide this because of frequent power outages.

It noted in a statement that existing data centres had had to rely on generators to sustain operations during power outages, saying this practice could exacerbate carbon emissions in the future.

The Chief Executive Officer, MainOne, Funke Opeke, said power distribution networks were facing frequent shortages, but there was an adequate supply of electricity in the region’s national grids.

She said, “By strategically locating our data centres close to sources of power and partnering with local power distribution companies to build direct connections to the national grid, we ensure high power availability and reduce the utilisation of diesel-fuelled power generation at our facilities.”

According to the company, Africa has one of the fastest growths in Internet access in the world due to its young population.

It said data consumption would continue to grow on the continent in the foreseeable future.

The company said this would fuel further investment in submarine cables and data centres as the drive to bring data closer to consumers continued.

It, however, added that without sustainable power strategies, the industry would continue to contribute to global warming.

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Source: ‘Lack of adequate electricity hampering data centres in Africa’

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