On secession in Nigeria, the Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Muhammed has made it known that its easier to repair Nigeria than to brake it. He made this known in a recent program on Channels TV. – Source: Daily Times

According to him, “The agitation for political restructuring is okay. However, what is not okay is the call for secession or for separation. We would need more energy to break Nigeria than to fix it.

As a matter of fact, the strength of Nigeria is its diversity. So everybody agreed that secession is not an option.”

Minister Lai Muhammed had once said the consequences of cessation in Nigeria will be very devastating. He added that many will lose their work and become irrelevant in their field. Adding that professors may no have more option than to work in bakeries in neighbouring countries for survival.

He said; “Our challenge is more with the elites, not with the common people. Go to the remotest part of Nigeria today, you will see Nigerians from different tribes, cultures, and religions living together peacefully.

Elites ought to take the lead in cementing the unity of the country, but when the elites start preaching tribal hatred, people believe them because they think they know better.

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Nigeria accounts for 70 per cent of West Africa’s population and if Nigeria should disintegrate today, we are going to overrun Benin Republic, Togo, Niger, and other neighbouring countries.

The elites will suffer more because some professors could be working in bakeries in Togo just to survive. We saw it happened when the Liberians came here during their civil war.

It is in their own enlightened interest that they should work to fix Nigeria. Many of them have more than one passport — American, British, Irish — and at the first crack of trouble, they are gone.”

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