Laolu Gbenjo is a vibrant and talented Nigerian gospel artist. In this post you will find Laolu Gbenjo biography, age, marriage and net worth.

Profile and net worth

  • Full name: Laolu Gbenjo
  • Nickname: Alujo master
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • State of Origin: Oyo
  • Native of: Ogbomoso
  • Date of Birth: unknown
  • Age: unknown
  • Marital status: married
  • Net worth: we’ve estimated his net worth to be 600,000 us dollars

Laolu Gbenjo Biography

He started his Musical career professionally in 2008, with his first album titled Next Level and the second; Take Over which was launched in 2014.

Laolu pulled over 3000 worshippers at KICC Maryland Nigeria. His recent Album titled Expressions was launched in 2016.

Coming down to Lagos was never in his plans at all, not because he doesn’t like the good life in Lagos, but because he thought that it was impossible for him to blend in Lagos.

he just couldn’t roll with his age mates and peers because all he was full of Yoruba ascent from Ogbomoso.

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Laolu Gbenjo struggled hard and did all sort of menial jobs, selling sachet water and all that just to raise money to cater for himself. However, the more he tried to raise money, the more the money was been spent on the one family challenges or the other.

How will he cope with his strong Yoruba accent, making me look so gentle daily because when his brothers and friends were speaking, he just stare and they be like.. o boy talk now!

But guess what, this God is too good ooo.. this Ogbomosho local boy got a Lagos girlfriend still, even with his predicament.

At some point, Laolu Gbenjo made up his mind to start catching up, thanks to his girlfriend who started teaching him on how to communicate in English little by little.

He started all over to enroll in another local school here in Lagos and as God will have it, Laolu started catching up.

Hee started moving alongside his brothers who were into music then, learning and trying to be like them, singing and all that; then the D-Day came, he was going to perform in public.

You know how it is now, when you’ve been given the opportunity to perform on a big platform; you just gotta rehearse in the mirror and most time ‘cram’ your speech, just what this Ogbomosho dude did.

He had memorized his intro and everything, only for him to get on the stage on the performance day and said, “THE TOPIC OF MY SONG IS…” Whaaat!!!!! Who does that!!!

But you know what… that Ogbomosho boy today has become the great LAOLU Gbenjo that people love to listen to!

Sometime you might be going through unpleasant situations and you kinda feel like you’re not progressing, don’t give up, it is a Divine setup to take you to a major Step-up.

If I had gotten t-fare back to Ogbomosho that period, I probably wouldn’t have been here today, but Glory be to God.. The journey from Ogbomosho to Lagos turned out to be his major breakthrough in disguise!

Keep working on your dreams as a music minister or whatever thing you’re into, don’t give up. That situation right now might just be a Divine setup for you and trust me, YOU SHALL GET THERE!

Laolu Gbenjo experience in music ministry

Yes, I Quit; was exactly what I said some years back after my first Album launch in 2008.

You see, after the album launch I had HIGH expectations for invitations to minister in various programmes and events but guess what – NONE! No invitation showed up, then the few we hustled to get was a “God bless you” ministration – if you understand what I mean.

Aside from little or no honorarium from these invitations, my Album CDs recorded Zero sales! Then it dawned on me, and like Mensah Otabil will say, “Reality Hits Me on my face, and I was like; “Is this what I will feed his family with?”

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This is actually my TESTIMONY, to encourage someone out there. You might have been degenerated in whatever you do be it a music minister, you run a business or just anything… Guess what? Let’s continue..

I made a decision to Quit singing or ministering in songs after those ugly experiences and went into business.

He went into Sound Business under the business name, Pleasant Sound Entertainment (I still do that too though).

5 years down the line after quitting singing, He went for a friend’s concert and was given the platform to take worship song – even though that has been like years ago, he did anyways, and after the ministration, someone walked up to him, and that was how the story CHANGED!

No, he didn’t give me some huge or sum of money; you’re probably thinking that right? Lol. He walked up to me and said to me; “Laolu Gbenjo, You Have Missed Your Purpose”. My eyes were dazed! I was surprised and shocked.

I haven’t heard such before but you know what, I felt it within me instantly that this person was saying something reasonable, he was saying the Truth!

You know that feelings when you’re convinced about something – all thanks to the Holy Spirit. Wikipedia

I prayed for forgiveness and asked God for direction and in November that same year, 2013, I re-organised my band members, motivated them and let them know that we might have to run couple of free shows on our journey to stardom

How the journey started

In 2014, I wrote “So Beautiful and Baba n faye me dabira”, which happened to be a testimony of my experiences above even though I was still expecting to be “Beautiful”.

We didn’t stop there, I took a major step, and you might call it risk too, in hosting his first concert in 2014 which turned out to be Massive, beyond our expectations and guess what, ever since then, the story, my singing ministry has never remained the same.

My first album which we struggled to sell few copies, even giving out free sometime was still struggling; now to the Glory of God people get his album for 50k, 100k, 200k and so on.

We’ve had invitations for 10 Days stretch without break and so many amazing results – I must say, it’s been GOD!

Laolu Gbenjo has ministered on several big stages within and outside Nigeria.

Laolu Gbenjo’s advice to upcoming gospel artists

Whatever thing you do, so much, is God’s purpose and plan for you, just keep at it; keep working on your brand and packaging, when the time is right, you will surely blow out from your shell!

Don’t give up!


Is Laolu Gbenjo Biography on wikipedia?

Presently Laolu isn’t on Wikipedia. We hope that very soon as he grows in his singing ministry the giant Wikipedia will consider creating a page for him.

Laolu Gbenjo band members

Not much is known about his band members other than they are amazing people who keeps the vibes on. He has both male and female in his band and we believe that’s a good one.

How much does Laolu Gbenjo charge?

You may want to know his asking price or how much Laolu Gbenjo charges for any outing. However at the moment we don’t have that info. You can just contact him as ask for this info.

Contact Number for booking and enquiry

Would you like to invite Laolu Gbenjo for any kind of event? Here’s his contact number to call for bookings and enquiries: 08155360000, +2348083535857 and email:

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