Popular comedian and skit maker, Chukwuemeka Ejekwu also known as Oga Sabinus has threatened to sue Friesland Foods, makers of Peak milk brand and UAC Foods, the makers of the sausage roll Gala over the unauthorized usage of his trademark.

The skit maker is demanding a respective N1 billion and N100 million from Friesland and UAC in compensation and damages for the consequent use of the catchphrase ‘something hooge’ in an advert on its social media handle and the use of his picture in an ad campaign.

Giving a period of two weeks from the receipt of the legal notice, Sabinus through his lawyer, threatened a lawsuit if the brands fail to comply.

As of the time of reporting, none of the mentioned companies has responded to claims made by Oga Sabinus through his lawyers.


What if Asari Dokubo and Patience Jonathan sue Sabinus for using their sound bites in his comedy?

He is also guilty. He started his comedy skit business with other people’s intellectual properties too.

Not saying that two wrongs makes right, but he should look at himself first. It’s good he’s fighting for his right, Asari Dokubo and Patience Jonathan may also decide to extend same gesture to him.

I don’t really believe that Comedian Oga Sabinus trademarked this catchphrase ‘Something Hooge’. He obviously trademarked it the moment he saw the said peak milk and gala adverts. He’s likely to lose the case and pay for damages if the registration date was after the advert sha.

Then, does it mean he trademarked ‘How is the family’ and all the catchphrases he uses on his comedy skit? He cant possibly do that.

Do You Think Comedian Oga Sabinus Have The Right To Sure Anyone Over Copyright Infringement?

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