The Nigerian singer, Ajala, has come again with a mind-blowing song titled, ‘Letter To Lazy Girls’.

In the song, Ajala passed a message to girls who have their lives depend on married men to survive to brace up and be responsible and independent.

According to him, the girls should know that what goes around comes around. “The girl that would destroy your home, is still in J.S.S 3; she’s writing her home economics test, that time your hubby go they sleep around.’’

Ajala also want lazy girls to know that a time will come when after they are eventually married to their ‘handsome prince’, they’ll start looking for children but they wouldn’t find any because they’ve lost their Womb due to their wayward life.

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Letter to lazy girls is produced by Riqueza Records, mixed and mastered by Real.

Meanwhile there has been an hashtag #LetterToLazyGirls trending on Twitter since morning today. The reason being that Ajala followers have taken to their respective handle to talk about their views on his new song.

As we all know ,Music to some is just beats and vibes, but listening to Letter To Lazy Girls , there is a fantastic feeling that comes with it, the content is great and the beat and vibes are second to none.@ajalahighlife is born to do this.

Listening to #LetterToLazyGirls but thinking of Lekki girls who live in 4 million naira per annum duplexes, biannual London and Dubai trips, own very clean Toyota Highlanders with iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung S 21 Ultras, on 70k monthly salaries. Dem no lazy, na hustling.


If you are a lover of good music with meaningful lyrics, Then Letter To Lazy Girls is a song you’ll love


Ajala took inspiration on the song from the ratewhich. Most of our young ladies grab married men these days because of money instead of working to make money.

#LetterToLazyGirls is good track filled with nice message to address the social ills in our society, this us just not a song, @ajalahighlife has raised the bar with this beautiful work of art.


Ajala is a Nigeria Highlife Afro Musician and multi-instrumentalist. He is a registered mechanical engineer by profession. He is the chairman of Riqueza Records


@ajalahighlife who happens to be the Chairman of Riqueza Records is a Nigeria High life Afro Musician and Multi-instrumentalist. He is also a mechanic engineer by profession


You can find Ajala and follow him on social media:

Twitter: @ajalahighlife
Facebook Page: @ajalahighlife01
Instagram: @ajalahighlife


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