Lil Baby is a famous American rapper who became popular after the success of his debut mix tape, ‘Perfect Timing’.

He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 3, 1994. Lil grew in the suburb of Georgia alongside his friends, Young Thug and Coach K who were once involved in petty crimes and later became famous rappers as well.

Lil Baby was never interested in academics. His lack of interest in studies made his parents worry about his future and this explains why he has no educational background.

As fate would have it, the sudden turnaround of his friends eventually made him to appreciate his rich talents and over time became a famous rapper. His debut mix tape, which made him famous, featured musicians like Young Thug and Gunn. The music was produced in collaboration with Brickz and 808 Mafia.


Prior to his successful release of singles like ‘My Dawg,’ and ‘Pink Slip’, Lil Baby was jailed for a couple of years for his criminal activities before he made it big in the American rap scene.

In the late 90s, a musical genre called ‘Gangsta rap’ came up which was a good platform for Lil to showcase his talents and this was the journey of his success in rap music.

Lil Baby was known for his strong passion for music, though he preferred to live a criminal life then. This did not go down well with Lil as he was jailed for five years for selling drugs. While in prison, he showed signs of improvement and was released after two years. Upon his release, he decided to lead a better life and his childhood friend Coach K came forward to help him.

They established a music label ‘Quality Control,’ and his childhood friends Pierre Thomas (Pee) and Kevin Lee (Coach K) started working together. This was the starting point of Lil Baby in music as he started developing his debut mixtape.

Lil Baby’s Music Career

Lil Baby began his music career in April 2017 when he released his debut mix tape ‘Perfect Timing.’ The album was a collaborative effort by all of Lil Baby’s childhood friends, who worked together to ensure the success of the album.

The mix tape was a huge success and took Atlanta’s underground music scene by storm. The album received wide airplay in many pubs, bars, and cafes in and around Georgia.

Lil Baby was praised for his lyrics, inspired by the experience he had during his time in prison. He had also written about his thoughts on leading the life of a petty criminal.

He became even more popular with the release of his next mix tape, ‘Harder than Hard.’ The lyrics explained detailed psychological pain he suffered because of his past. The catchy beats and tunes in the lyrics ensured the success of the album.

Lil Baby is indeed a talent, very creative and talented music star with good number of hit songs, most notably ‘My Dawg,’ ‘Ride or Die,’ and ‘My Drip’ went on to become chartbusters.

Lil Baby presently works for his ‘Quality Control’ label, which he co-owns, along with his childhood friends.

In 2021, Lil Baby was nominated for his song, “The Bigger Picture”. He was nominated for two Grammy Awards for ‘Best Rap Performance’ and ‘Best Rap Song’.

His Personal Life

Lil Baby was in a relationship with Instagram star, Jayda Cheaves. In February 18, 2019, they were blessed with a son named Loyal Armani.

Lil was previously in relationship with Ayesha Howard, which also produced a son named Jason Armani.

Lil Baby’s Net Worth

Lil Baby has remained one of the Americans most celebrated rappers with an estimated net worth of about $2 million dollars.

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Source: Lil Baby: Biography, Songs And Net Worth

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