Lojay’s Biography And Net Worth

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Lojay’s Biography And Net Worth

Lekan Osifeso Jr. popularly known as Lojay, was born into the Yoruba Family of Mr and Mrs Lekan Osifeso in Lagos on the 28th of April, 1996.

Lojay was named after his father, Mr Lekan as the Family first child. He hails from one of the States in the South Western Part of Nigeria but was born in Lagos State.

Lojay grew up in a religious household, as his parents were devout Christians. This meant that he attended church regularly. His religious background helped him discover his love for music, as he listened to the several gospel songs his parents enjoyed playing.

Lojay developed an interest in music at a very young age. This likeness was fostered by Disney music because he liked watching their movies.

Lojay was also inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Jon Bellion, Bruno Mars, and Wizkid.

Lojay’s Educational Background

Lojay attended Elite Private School for his elementary, middle school and high school, all in Lagos State.

He later travelled to the United Kingdom to study and obtained his first degree in 2018.

Lojay’s Career

Lojay began his music career while he was in high school, composing music lyrics during his free hours.

He performed some of these songs to entertain his classmates and friends in the neighborhood during school events and local shows in the community.

In one of his interviews, Lojay revealed how he rarely writes music as it takes away the ability to flow naturally. All he had to do was listen to a beat and the lyrics just comes to him naturally.

Lojay made his first official record debut in 2016 while he was still an undergraduate and upon graduation in 2018, he decided to do music professionally.

He released his debut single, ‘Ariel’ in 2019. The song shot him to lime light as many lovers of good music saw what he had to offer, and commended him for his songwriting prowess and distinct sound.

There is one thing that is distinct about Lojays music is his style of singing, and the living sounds of Afro mix which has received wide acceptance and brought him more fame.

In mid-2020, he dropped another single titled “Ogogoro”, which had the distinctive feature of Afro-fusion sound, setting him apart from other upcoming musicians. “Ogogoro” was more successful than “Ariel”, in terms of streams, downloads, and placement on music charts.

The song was not only successful but set the pace for greater successes for Lojay in the music industry.

During the pandemic, Lojay reached out to the veteran producer, Sarz, that he wanted to collaborate with him and Sarz obliged. The talented singer’s initial plan was to work on a song together, but they ended up holding a 3-month Bootcamp that led to the creation of the successful project, EP, LV N ATTN.

The six-track song is Lojay’s official project and a short form of ‘Love and Attention’ which has received wide acceptance among his numerous fans.

April 30th, 2021, the EP’s first single, “Tongogo” was released and it instantly became a hit giving Lojay a greater level of stardom in the industry. The song rose to the top of music charts within days and recorded thousands of streams from lovers of Afro Beat.

The music video of “Monalisa”, which became a choice club and party jam, was released on the 15th Of September 2021.

Two of the project songs, Monalisa and LV N ATTN, became people’s favorites in no time.

Since then, the gifted singer rose to stardom as a talented Afro-fusion artist in the Nigerian music scene attracting large followers on social media. Lojay currently has over 120,000 followers on Instagram.

Lojay is currently doing very well in the music scene and rated one of the budding music artistes in Nigeria. He has honored invitations to perform at several shows and concerts in Africa and Europe.

Lojay was nominated for the Most Promising African Artiste category at the 2021 AFRIMA Awards.

Lojay is the proud owner of an upscale apartment and an exotic car. He is signed to Metallic Music/1789, a Lagos based record label.

Lojay is a hardworking and determined young man. When he is not on the road, performing at shows, or making music in the studio, he hangs out with his close friends and spends time with his family members.

Lojay’s Personal Life

Lojay is not yet married or engaged to any lady. His current relationship status is unknown and no girlfriend is disclosed as he keeps his personal life private from the press or public view.

Lojay’s Net Worth

Lojay has made a steady income from his career, gradually building a fortune from his earnings with an estimated net worth of about 300,000 dollars.

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