Louise Deschatelets Conjoint

Marc Parson is Louise Deschatelets current conjoint. Marc is a writer. Before marrying each other, Louise and her partner had been together for twelve years.

For the past eleven years, Parson and Louise have been married. Louise and her husband married when she was 38 years old.

Parson, on the other hand, was not Louise’s first husband. Guy Fournier, Louise’s first husband, was also an author.

Louise and Guy were well-known in Canada, and they had even appeared on many television shows together.

Louise married the French Count Jean-Michel de Cazanove in 1994, after meeting him 25 years before in Guadeloupe.

Louise Deschatelets Age

Louise was born on 28 October 1945. As of 2022, Louise is 77 years old. Her father Maurice and her mother, Juliette were both of Canadian origin.

She grew up with her father Maurice, her mother Juliette and her brother Michel and lived in a modest environment on rue Chabot in the Rosemont district of Montreal. Her father, whom she describes as a dandy , died when she was 8 years old.


– Marc Parson

Louise Deschatelets has been in a relationship with author Marc Parson since 2008.

He is the author of L’Art de la communication efficace.

– author Guy Fournier

Louise was in a public relationship with filmmaker and author Guy Fournier beginning in 1981. They separated shortly afterwards, in 1994

Guy Fournier (born on July 23 , 1931 in Waterloo, Quebec ) is a Quebec filmmaker and author. He received the Order of Canada. He is the twin brother of Claude Fournier , also a filmmaker.

Father of Éric Fournier, producer (friction science), of Christian Fournier, screenwriter (Chop Suey, Jasmine, Triplex and the film Les Boys…) and uncle of Jean-Vincent Fournier, screenwriter.

From 1988 to 1989, they will be in charge of the trivia game The War of the Sexes on Television Four Seasons. They co-hosted the MétroStar Gala in 1992.

They directed the show Mon amour, mon amour the following year. The show was only on for one season. They divorced in 1994, just a few years later.

– Comte Jean-Michel de Cazanove

The same year 1994, she married the French Comte Jean-Michel de Cazanove, whom she had met in Guadeloupe 25 years before. They split up in the late 1990s.

Not much is known about comte français Jean-Michel de Cazanove. We will update more info as soon as we’re updated.


In April 1963 , while studying at Collège Marie-Anne, she first came to prominence at the Montreal Metropolitan Colleges Drama Festival at the Gesù . She then played the role of Lia in the play Sodom and Gomorrah by Jean Giraudoux

In April 1964 , still at the same festival, she won the prize for best female performer for her role as Nina in the play ” The Seagull ” by playwright Anthon Chekov.

In April 1965 , she ranked in the category of female interpretation for her performance as Bernada in the play ” La maison de Bernada Alba ” by Federico García Lorca at the Montreal Metropolitan Colleges Drama Festival.

In 1968 , she was part of the cast of the play “ Bilan ” by Marcel Dubé alongside Janine Sutto and Jean Duceppe . The play had a lukewarm reception from critics at the time. The author will be criticized for remaining on familiar ground

More Facts about Louise Deschatelets

  • She succeeded Béatrice Picard as vice-president of the Union des artistes in May 1975.
  • She was the youngest artist to be elected president of the Union des artistes in January 1980.
  • She served in this capacity until April 1983. She was appointed to the board of directors of the Institut québécois du cinéma in the same year, alongside Hélène Loiselle.
  • Louise made her first appearance at the Montreal Metropolitan Colleges Dramatic Festival at Gesu in April 1963, while still a student at Collège Marie-Anne.
  • Her father died tragically when she was only eight years old

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