A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’Abba has said many northerners consider the years so far spent by President Muhammadu Buhari in office as a waste. 
He noted that Buhari failed as a leader because he is highly opinionated, saying it led to the build-up of frictions in the country. 

Na’Abba stated this during an interview with Trust TV. 
According to the former Speaker, Southerners are not the only ones not happy with Buhari’s Government, northerners are equally displeased. 

 “Within the North today, the idea of many people that the presidency must shift to another region is not a welcome idea because the feeling of many people is that the years of this president is a waste. They’ve not gained anything from it. So, why should anybody even talk to them about zoning? When they believe they have the numerical strength to elect another person.
“But why you should even elect another president from the north is more surprising for this kind of scenario to continue,” he said. 
He said Buhari’s failure to consult with people contributed to the problem. 
“You cannot run a country in a manner that suggests you are highly opinionated. And this opinionating has nothing to do with the people. If it has to do with the people and their welfare, and their feelings, I think it’s OK,” he said. 
He continued, “When I was the Speaker of the House of Representatives, we had a caucus. That caucus used to meet every Monday – 30 of us.
“No consultation. Since he suggests that, he works alone. We become president or whatever not because we have the monopoly of wisdom. Nobody has it.”

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Source: Many Northerners Consider Buhari’s Years In Office As A Waste—Ex-House Of Representatives’ Speaker, Na’Abba

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