Mastercard Foundation, enterprise centre to create 200,000 jobs

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Mastercard Foundation, enterprise centre to create 200,000 jobs

Mastercard Foundation has partnered with Enterprise Development Centre to train and create 200,000 jobs for Nigerian youths in the next five years.

The Director, EDC, Pan-Atlantic University, Mr Peter Bankole, disclosed this on Monday.

He said, “As we train and build their capacity, we will equally support them and at the end of the day, they will create at least another 200,000 jobs.

“This programme is open to all and is primarily focused on Lagos, Kano, and Kaduna states. Through this programme, 40,000 young people will be supported with the resources and learning required to start, grow, and expand their businesses every year for the next five years.

“The programme will also provide support and resources to young people who want to become employable in the creative and agricultural sectors.”

According to Bankole, Sterling Bank is one of the key partners of the programme and the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund will provide financing for those in Lagos at nine per cent interest rate per annum.

The Country head of Mastercard Foundation in Nigeria, Chidinma Lawanson, said “This initiative will prepare and enable young people to pursue their aspirations and create productive livelihoods for themselves and others.

“We at Mastercard Foundation are very strong on capacity building and financial inclusion. So, we have had interventions across more than 100 countries but in 2016, when we clocked 10 years, we went through an internal strategy to come up with what we called Young Africa Works strategy, which is unlocking employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for 30 million young Africans by the year 2030.”

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Source: Mastercard Foundation, enterprise centre to create 200,000 jobs

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