MC Paul Barman: Biography And Net Worth

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MC Paul Barman: Biography And Net Worth

Paul Nathaniel Barman is his real name, also better known by his stage name as MC Paul Barman. He is a famous American rapper based in Manhattan, New York.

Barman was born on October 30, 1974. He hails from Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA. He is of Jewish origin.

Barman’s Educational Background

He is a graduate of Brown University, USA.

MC Paul Barman’s Career

MC Paul Barman made his entry into the music world some years back, and has remained on the top table, doing amazingly well.

He released his debut EP, It’s Very Stimulating, on Wordsound in 2000,  produced by Prince Paul.

In 2002, Barman dropped his first studio album, Paullelujah! It was released on Coup d’État and shot him to limelight in the music industry.

In 2009, MC Barman released his second studio album, Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud on Mello Music Group. It included productions from MF Doom, Questlove, and Mark Ronson, as well as guest appearances from Open Mike Eagle and Masta Ace. The album was another hit as his popularity grew unimaginably.

The talented American singer and rapper has so far toured with Blackalicious. He has also taught a hip hop class to high school kids at the Bank Street College of Education.

In 2012, LA Weekly placed MC Barman at number 14 on the “Top 20 Whitest Musicians of All Time” list.

In 2018, Barman again released Echo Chamber.

The New York Times called his music “a surreal departure from the rap norm.”

His music has been influenced by Boogie Down Productions, Jungle Brothers, Wu-Tang Clan, MC Lyte, and De La Soul.

He has since released good number of Studio albums, including

  • Paullelujah!(Coup d’État, 2002)
  • Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud(Househusband, 2009)
  • Echo Chamber(Mello Music Group, 2018)

MC Barman has also done collaborative albums with top music icons, among them:

  • A Year of Octobers(2021) (as YOUNGMAN with Celestaphone)
  • Full Buck Moon Kaboom(Househusband, 2008)
  • Blue Moon Kaboom(Househusband, 2017

Barman has released several hit singles, including:

  • “Postgraduate Work” (Househusband, 1998)
  • “How Hard Is That?” (Matador, 2000)
  • “Cock Mobster” (Coup d’État, 2001)
  • “Father Moose” (Househusband, 2009)
  • “Decide-A-Tron” (Househusband, 2017)
  • “Happy Holidays” (Mello Music Group/Househusband, 2017)
  • “Leapfrog” (Mello Music Group, 2018)

MC Barman has also made several guest appearances, some of which are:

  • Deltron 3030 – “Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch” from Deltron 3030(2000)
  • Masta Ace – “Roommates Meet” fromDisposable Arts (2001)
  • DJ Yoda – “Salvation Barmy” from How to Cut and Paste Mix Tape Vol.1(2001)
  • Le Hammond Inferno – “Man from Lafonda (Paul Barman Remix)” from This Is Bungalow(2004)
  • Prince Paul – “Inside Your Mind” and “The Night My Girlfriend Left Me” from Itstrumental(2005)
  • Open Mike Eagle – “Trickeration” from A Special Episode of(2015)
  • L’Orange and Kool Keith – “Suspended Animation” from Time? Astonishing!(2015)
  • Prince Paul – “Girls Wanna Do Me, Guys Wanna Be My Friend” from The Redux(2017)
  • Donwill – “Don, Rob, and Paul” from One Word No Space(2019)

His Personal Life

MC Barman’s personal life is not known. He is however believed to be in a relationship with his growing popularity and wealth in the industry.

MC Paul Barman’s Net Worth

MC Paul Barman has made significant impact in the American music industry with an estimated net worth of about $2 million dollars.

A big thank you for reading about MC Paul Barman’s biography and net worth. Your comments are also welcome.


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