Tonye Tony Onugbo, popularly known as Roccaman, is an upcoming Nigerian singer from Bayelsa State. If you’re looking for Roccaman biography, you’re in the right place.

In a recent interview, Roccaman narrates how he started his journey into music, his challenges, where he is now and where is hoping to be.

We share with you what he said about himself.

His name is Tonye Tony Onugbo, known as Roccaman. He is from Bayelsa State, and he grew up in the barracks, Navy Town to be precise.

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Roccaman early life

His dad retired as a naval officer in early 2000, he left Lagos and Roccaman was left here to fend for himself. Before his people left Lagos, Roccaman was a business administration student at the Lagos State University.

He dropped out of UNILAG because of financial challenges and picked up doing a part-time job for his up keep.

He was into music at that time, but it got to a point where it was difficult for him because his income was not enough to support his musical career and upkeep, so he had to quit music.

Tonye Tony Onugbo left Lagos and went to his state to stay with his brother in Yenagoa. He took this decision because he was informed that there are opportunities to get sponsor for his music.

He went to some clubs and other places to perform but money was not coming, he had to settle for a barbing job with a friend who has a small saloon and later came back to Lagos to his friend who also has a saloon.

They worked together but a business that is not yours can never be yours, so, it  was still challenging for him and he thought about starting up other business.

Roccaman had it in mind to go into food business because he loves food; a friend who makes shawarma in FESTAC, they both had it in mind to set up a shawarma spot in barracks where Roccaman grew up but the space was not given to him then.

When the barbing job was not bringing money, he went back to the barracks to seek for the space again and this time around he was given.

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Then they started the shawarma business in Navy Town, that was how Roccaman started making money with his friend as partners, after some years he paid his friend off. He later left Navy Town for Egbeda where he opened another spot.

He stayed there because there is freedom compared to Navy Town where everyone had to live by the rules and regulations of the military. After some years Roccaman got married and have two kids.

Roccaman returns to music

When his first child was about the age of three and the music started coming back, it hit him again that he has to turn back to music.

He went back to music over two years ago but my wife never approved of my music she said people people who are into music live a wayward life.

Roccaman shot a video sometime ago for one of his songs and he’s going to shoot another one, the song titled: Buju; it is a dance hall and he’s encouraging everyone to check out his name Roccaman, and follow him on all his social media pages.

His challenge so far in music is the financial part of it. He run his own business but sincerely, He has a lot of responsibilities and money is not enough for him to cope with his music.

The kind of promotion He want to give his music, He has not been able to do it because of the funds. He hope it to get a better financial backup soon that is why He is putting the effort.

He has not done any collaboration so far but there are plans and He hope to work with Timaya. Timaya is from his place; though they have not met but He follow Timaya on social media.

He love Timaya’s kind of music, tone, the way he started and what he has been able to achieve. He hope to become better something in future too.

Music is life; there is no life without music. Roccaman has all kinds of music; he has reggae, dance hall, R&B, high life, afro juju, hip hop and all music comes with a message.

Most times, you do not need to learn anything from the song you are listening to, but most times you need the vibes, there are songs that make you happy.

some songs would make you feel better when you are moody. So, music is life for me, it helps to wipe away challenges you are facing and lift your spirit.

Roccaman does not think government has a lot of role to play for up coming artistes but producers have a lot to do.

These days that the cost of living is high, up coming artistes that are not working do not have financial means to promote their music.

Roccaman encourages studios and producers to support up coming artistes by recording for them with a token, not making them pay through their nose to record songs, that is only way they can support and encourage young talent and others that can be able to support like the philanthropists.

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