Microsoft is launching a major operating system upgrade by next month. The giant tech company Jumpstarts with Microsoft Windows 11 video ads campaign, highlighting some key features and changes, such as Microsoft Teams chat, the new Microsoft Store, and CEO Halo.

In Windows 11 marketing, Odessa’s song “It All Starts Now” is a catchphrase that matches Microsoft’s stance on Windows 11.

Microsoft wants Windows 11 to be the new beginning for Windows, including a new user interface, sounds, animations, and sign-in apps. , and focus. New features make Windows the best desktop operating system.

Microsoft hardware partners are also lining up to begin shipping new PCs with Windows 11 preinstalled, and this Microsoft Windows 11 video ads campaign will help advertise the fact that the devices include the new Windows operating system.

At least that’s what hardware manufacturers want. The new Microsoft Windows 11 video ads is fun to watch, visually impressive, and tend to appear all over the place in TV commercials and online ads.

Microsoft is pushing the release of Windows 11 because it’s not uncommon for companies to release a completely new version of the operating system these days.

Windows 11 will be officially released on new and old Windows computers on October 5 this year.

Only eligible computers will be offered the automatic upgrade to Windows 11, and this process will continue over the next few months until mid-2022. Starting October 5, you can also buy new computers with Windows 11 preinstalled.


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