MTN Nigeria has also joined the popular reward program called CashToken. This is an electronic reward and gift commodity that offers MTN customers the chance to win cash prizes between N5,000 – N100million weekly, with guaranteed cashback.

For those that participated in Zigi Trivia quiz, you should have receive some cash token from Zigi. Later in this article, you will be able to Cashout your cash Token as Airtime, playbills with it or directly withdraw into your bank account.

Base on My research, i discovered that the easiest way to get MTN cashtoken is by chatting with Zigi Chatbot. Not to worry, i will show you how to go about it.

About MTN CashToken

MTN recently joined the reward program called CashToken in other to reward their customers.

CashToken Africa is highly customer-centric, driven by a major goal to provide valuable reward for customer loyalty. CashToken provides businesses with the chance to reward their customers with a life changing cash reward using the most consequential gift and reward commodity called the CashToken.

CashToken Africa (CeLD Innovations Limited) is currently existing as the world’s 1st Cash Reward As a Service Company.

How To Participate In MTN CashToken

To be eligible for the MTN CashToken weekly draw, you MUST have been gifted with CashToken by yourself or a friend at least once within the calendar week.

You can also participate by dialing the short code *6700# and selecting a plan. They have a choice to buy and gift CashToken to themselves or a 3rd party (someone else). To check your winning status, Dial *6700*8#

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This simply means you can either get it free or Purchase it. A CashToken ( 1 CashToken) cost N50 to purchase.

You can Dial *6700*8# to check your win or watch the draw on AIT by 9:30pm and Pop Central on DSTV @ 6pm every Saturday

Below are the two method which you can use to Get MTN CashToken on your mtn line..

By Buying CashToken — You can dial *6700# then reply with 1, you can purchase CashToken with your Airtime balance, Bank USSD or buy on Credit.

By Chatting With Zigi Chatbot — This shouldn’t be new to users who participated in MTN Zigi Trivia Quiz which offers 1gb data for free. You should have received some MRN CashToken during the time you participated in this game.

MTN CashToken

You can get more Token every hour by Chatting with MTN Zigi Chatbot via WhatsApp. To chat with zigi, Save and message this number on Whatsapp ( 09033000001 ) or Click HERE.

How Does MTN CashToken Works

The CashToken process is very simple.

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  • You buy and gift yourself or your loved ones CashTokens using *6700# or get gifted by a business that rewards its customers with CashToken. Currently, MTN does that via Zigi Chatbot.
  • You get notified of the CashTokens you bought or is gifted to you via your mobile number
  • In our weekly Draw Show, Winners for the week are announced. If you are one of the lucky winners, we would contact you on how to get your winnings. You can also buy airtime, data and pay your bills to get a CashToken and qualify for the draw.

How To Withdraw From MTN CashToken Balance

Yes, for those that Participate in Zigi Trivia quiz and got some reward from it, you can now withdraw your CashToken via Airtime, Data or directly to your bank account.

Check MTN CashToken Balance

Before you proceed to withdraw your CashToken, you have to confirm the amount of CashToken currently in your balance.

Dial *6700# then reply with 6. Now, to check your balance, reply with 3.

Withdraw MTN CashToken Balance

You can withdraw your MTN CashToken into your bank account, as Airtime or data. To withdraw your CashToken, you have to set Transaction pin first.

Dail *6700# then reply with 6. Select the option to Reset Pin by replying with 2. A Reset code will be sent to your number, dial the code and set your new 4 digit pin.

After Setting pin, it’s time to withdraw your CashToken.

Withdraw Into Bank — Dial *6700# and reply with 6. Now, Cashout by replying with 1. Specify the amount you want to withdraw, make sure the amount is within your MTN CashToken Balance. Then Enter your bank details and provide your 4 digit pin.

Withdraw As Airtime — Dial *6700# and reply with 3. You can withdraw to your number directly or send to a third party number. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide your 4 digit pin once asked for.

Use CashToken To Pay Bills — You can also pay bills with your CashToken. Just dial *6700# and reply with 4 then select the bills you wish to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a CashToken?

It is an electronic reward or celebratory gift commodity that offers the opportunity for ‘LIFE-CHANGING CASH REWARD’

How much is one CashToken?

What are the benefits of a CashToken to the customer?

(a) Guaranteed Cash-Back of N6 on every gifted/purchased CashToken

(b) An Opportunity to win N5k-100m weekly

Where can the CashToken be purchased?

  • *6700#
  • CashToken WhatsApp BOT 09076767676
  • You also get CashTokens when you patronize any CashToken merchant

I received a CashToken and my cashback is not reflecting in my wallet?

Kindly do any of the following: 1. Send mail to [email protected] 2. Add and Type help on ‘CashToken Whatsapp Chatbot’ : 09076767676 to send your complaint. 3. Kindly dial *6700# and reach via the “HELP MENU”

Where can I watch the CashToken draw show?

You can watch the draw on AIT by 9:30pm and Pop Central on DSTV @ 6pm every Saturday

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Source: MTN CashToken: Win Cash Prizes Between N5,000 – N100M

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