MTN Cash Token 2022, promo code, Win Prizes from CashToken

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MTN Cash Token 2022, promo code, Win Prizes from CashToken

If you’re looking for updated information about mtn cash token, it’s promo code and how to win CashToken in 2022, this post is for you.

MTN Nigeria has also joined the renowned Cash Token reward scheme. This electronic reward and gift product offers MTN consumers the chance to win weekly cash prizes ranging from N5,000 to N100,000,000, with guaranteed cashback.

Those that participated in the Zigi Trivia quiz should have received a Zigi cash token. Later in this article, you will be able to cash your cash token for airtime, playbills, or a direct bank withdrawal.

According to my research, the easiest approach to obtain MTN Cash Token is through interacting with Zigi Chatbot. Not to worry, I will demonstrate how to proceed.

About MTN Cash Token

MTN has recently joined the Cash Token programme in order to reward their clients.

CashToken Africa is extremely client-focused, with a primary objective of providing substantial rewards for customer loyalty. Cash Token enables businesses to reward their consumers with life-altering cash rewards utilising the most significant gift and reward commodity known as the CashToken.

Cash Token Africa (CeLD Innovations Limited) is the first Cash Reward As A Service Company in the world.

How To Make Use Of MTN CashToken

To be eligible for the MTN Cash Token weekly draw, you must have received CashToken at least once from yourself or a friend over the previous week.

Participation is also possible by contacting *6700# and picking a plan. They have the option of purchasing and presenting Cash Token to themselves or a third party (someone else). To determine your status as a winner, dial *6700*8#.

This means you can either obtain it for free or pay for it. One Cash Token (one CashToken) costs N50.

Every Saturday, you can dial *6700*8# to check your winnings or watch the draw on AIT at 9:30 p.m. and Pop Central on DSTV at 6 p.m.

Below are the two methods for obtaining MTN CashToken on your MTN connection.

By Purchasing Cash tokens – Simply phone *6700# and enter 1 to purchase cash tokens using your Airtime balance, bank USSD, or credit.

By Chatting With Zigi Chatbot – This should be familiar to users who have participated in the MTN Zigi Trivia Quiz, which provides 1GB of free data. You should have been awarded MRN CashTokens for your participation in this game.

You may earn more Tokens each hour by chatting with the MTN Zigi Chatbot on WhatsApp. To communicate with zigi, save and send a message to this Whatsapp number: 09033000001

How Does it works?

The Cash Token procedure is straightforward.

Using *6700#, you can purchase and gift Cash Tokens to yourself or others, or receive them as a present from a business that offers CashToken as a customer incentive. Currently, MTN accomplishes this with the Zigi Chatbot.
You get notified via your cell phone of any Cash Tokens you’ve purchased or received as a gift.
During our weekly Draw Show, weekly winners are announced. If you are one of the lucky winners, we will contact you with information on how to claim your prize. Additionally, you can purchase airtime, data, and pay your bills to obtain a CashToken and enter the drawing.

How To Withdraw From Your MTN Cash Token Account

Yes, individuals who participated in the Zigi Trivia question and received a reward can now withdraw their CashToken via Airtime, Data, or directly to their bank account.

Check the Balance of MTN Cash Token

Prior to initiating a CashToken withdrawal, you are required to verify your Cash Token balance.

Dial *6700# followed by the number 6. Now, to verify your balance, please respond with 3.

Withdraw Balance of MTN CashToken

You can withdraw your MTN CashToken as Airtime or data to your bank account. To withdraw Cash tokens, you must first set the Transaction pin.

Dial *6700# followed by the number 6. Select the Reset PIN option by responding with 2 A Reset code will be given to your number; dial the code to create a new four-digit PIN.

Once the PIN has been set, it is time to withdraw your Cash Token.

Withdraw From Bank: Dial *6700# and enter 6 as the response. Now, Cashout by answering 1. Specify the amount you wish to withdraw and ensure it is within the MTN CashToken Balance. Then, enter your bank information and 4-digit PIN.

To withdraw as airtime, dial *6700# followed by the number 3. You can withdraw directly to your own number or transmit to an other number. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, followed by your 4-digit PIN when prompted.

Use it To Pay Bills — You can also use CashToken to pay your bills. Simply dial *6700# and press 4, then choose the bills you wish to pay.


Describe a Cash Token?

It is an electronic reward or celebration present item that gives the chance to get a “LIFE-CHANGING CASH REWARD.”

How much does a CashToken cost?
What are the customer benefits of it?

(a) Guaranteed Cash-Back of N6 for each Cash Token gifted or purchased

weekly opportunities to win $5,000 to $100,000

Where can Cash tokens be acquired?
*6700# CashToken WhatsApp BOT
When you shop with any Cash Token retailer, you will also receive CashTokens. I have a CashToken, but my cashback is not reflected in my wallet.

Please perform one of the following: Send correspondence to [email protected] To submit a complaint, add and type assistance on the CashToken Whatsapp Chatbot: 09076767676. Please call *6700# to access the “HELP MENU”

Where can I view the Cash Token lottery?

Every Saturday, you may watch the draw on AIT at 9:30 p.m. and Pop Central at 6 p.m. on DSTV.

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