Najeebat Sule, a Nigerian PhD student who is also a beauty queen, has been shot dead in the US. She was murdered on 12th March, 2021, in Philadelphia, US, while sitting in her car, in front of her family’s home.

Although she was rushed to a nearby hospital, Najeebat Sule was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later.

How Najeebat Sule was killed

About three weeks after the ugly incident, the US police are yet to provide any reason for her killing. But her friend, Habibat Magaji, has surfaced to shed more light on how Najeebat was murdered.

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According to Habibat

  • The beauty queen was in her house eating onion rings, french fries, and wings and watching a Netflix movie a day before she was killed
  • Najeebat was murdered less than one day after spending a night with her
  • She begged her late friend to spend the night in her apartment and she accepted.
  • She was exchanging text messages with her when she was killed by the yet-to-be-identified criminal.
  • Najeebat Sule was in her Toyota Corolla car parked in front of her father’s residence located at 8800 block of Frankford Avenue by 5:54pm the next day when a gunman approached the vehicle and shot her more than twice.

Parents of Najeebat Sule speak

Najeebat’s father, Adewale Sule, heard the gunfire and came out from the house just in time to see the suspect fire the last of the shots at his daughter.

Mr Sule said: “I saw the guy shooting my daughter. He shot the last round and I pursued him. He ran back to his car.”

Her mother, Tawakalitu Sule, said she last heard from Najeebat less than two hours before the shooting, when her daughter asked her when she was going to be home.

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