Nollywood actress asks Tiwa Savage to apologise for leaked ‘sex tape’

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Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage, has stirred the hornets’ nest by posting her semi-nude pictures on social media.

A Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike, has asked Tiwa Savage to apologise to her fans for the release of a sex tape that allegedly involves her.

Recall that two weeks ago, Tiwa Savage stated during an interview with Angie Martinez of Power 105.1 that she was being blackmailed by an unknown person who threatened to release a sex tape that featured her and her current lover.

The singer stated that she has decided not to pay a penny.

On Monday night, a sex tape leaked online, while the face of the man involved in it did not show, the lady’s did and it bears a close resemblance with Tiwa Savage.

The short clip has since gone viral, sparking many reactions including blames cast on the singer.

Taking to her Instagram page, Ifemeludike condemned the act.

She said, “Even though I find this supposed ‘sex tape drama’ as a huge distraction, I haven’t seen the video and I have no care in the world what an adult does with her personal life but my people, bad thing na bad thing, especially if it’s coming from a person young people look up to.

“You may want to defend this disgusting trend by saying ‘she didn’t release it bla bla bla’ but in a normal society, I’d expect the person in question to expose whoever is behind this act, for accountability and persecution.

“She needs to publicly admit her carelessness and apologise to her fans. We can’t keep saluting immoral behaviours while our young daughters watch.

“She’s been also accused of intentionally allowing this video to flood the internet space at the same time her latest music video is launched.

“These are all speculations. I don’t believe them but Tiwatope Savage Balogun must clear the air for posterity and our growing daughters! Sex is a sacred gift given to humans to enjoy in matrimony by God.”

The actress also stated that people are hailing ‘evil’ because it involves Tiwa Savage, saying that such people are hypocrites.

“Because It’s Tiwa savage everyone is hailing evil, if it’s Chioma Grace Ifemeludike or one regular female in Nigeria, everyone will scream she is chasing clout or she is desperate.

“This hypocrisy is the reason so many ‘polithieftians’ get away with crimes against humanity. So many men of God are not held accountable; so many celebrities don’t have sense! Hypocrisy is worse than corruption!” … ape-394993

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Source: Nollywood actress asks Tiwa Savage to apologise for leaked ‘sex tape’

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