Nollywood film review: Is Aki and Pawpaw worth coming to the cinema?

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Nollywood film review: Is Aki and Pawpaw worth coming to the cinema?

There were mixed reactions when people knew Aki and Pawpaw movie was coming to the cinema as people didn’t know what to expect.

No doubt, Aki and Pawpaw were Kings of comedy when it comes to acting but considering they have been off the screens for a while and are much older and mature than those years, people had doubts.

So the question now is; Was Aki and Pawpaw movie a reminder of how good Aki and Pawpaw are, or is it a reminder that they should be off our screens? Let’s find out.

Beyond bringing some of our favourite actors back on screen, Aki and Pawpaw movie depicted the lives of the two characters, Aki and Pawpaw, in their poor, struggling and ever troublesome state, working in a beer parlour.

Nollywood film review  Aki And Pawpaw

However, their boss almost sent them out one day after a customer complained of being cheated; they started singing. Another customer who happens to be a blogger recorded them and posted them online.

To her shock, it got a lot of buzz from social media and considering she wasn’t happy with her boss, whom she believed had been cheating her, she decided to focus on Aki and Pawpaw.
She and the duo started working together with her as their manager, and in no time, Aki and Pawpaw became the most sought after celebrities.

However, trouble began when Pawpaw believed their manager was cheating them. In contrast, Aki felt otherwise, and in the heat of the argument, they fought publicly and even decided to go their separate ways.

However, an effort to bring them back together was futile. Pawpaw had even gone under another management, ready to sign a multi-million naira deal that was later discovered to be for a fraud company that could land Pawpaw in Jail. Did Pawpaw eventually sign the deal? Were they able to stop him? Did Aki and Pawpaw eventually come back together as a team? Was their manager cheating them? Well, you have to find out.

The storyline was good as it gave insight into what happens in the entertainment industry, especially in partnership cases. The message was well spelt out and not hidden in the comedy. The film started on a high note which is a good one.
The directing wasn’t bad, and although certain things could have been done better, it wasn’t a bad shot at all.

However, considering that it was a movie with some of the characters speaking their native dialect, it was wrong that the dialects weren’t subtitled all the way. There were only a few times when the subtitle came up, so the person might not have enjoyed or understood a certain part of the film for someone who doesn’t understand that language.
Now to the acting; the crux of Aki and Pawpaw isn’t in the movie, but in seeing the two icons back on screen and even if every other thing is good and these two do not deliver as expected, the film would still not have its entire essence.

Just like some predicted, Aki and Pawpaw have grown too mature for that pranky, trouble role they were known for.

The comedy the film was meant to project was very subtle, and despite seeing the duo on screen, we still missed what seeing their movies back in the day seemed like. Generally, the acting was just there, and there was nothing impressive about it. If this was a trial, Aki and Pawpaw should forget about acting the roles of little trouble children; they have outgrown it.
In all, it isn’t a bad watch, and for rating, it would be getting a 5/10

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