In a viral video on social media, Yoruba youth are seen hoisting oduduwa nation flag at their roundabout at Omu town, Ekiti State.

In the video is a voice threatening enemies of Oodua Republic to come out to them and obstruct what they are doing if they’re up to the task.

“We’re hoisting Oduduwa flag in Omu Ekiti ó. That’s what’s happening right now. Yoruba people, can you see it? It’s time to go home.

We’re no longer slave to Fulani or Hausa anymore. That is Oodua flag. It’s already moving. We’re ready, together with our father, Sunday Adeyemo Igboho oosa. No more election in our country. We’re in Omu Ekiti.

That’s how it is. It’s happening now. It’s time to go home. Can you see it? We hoisting our Oduduwa nation flag at Omu Ekiti roundabout.

We don’t send them. We’re not afraid of anyone. They can come out to us if they can ó. We’re waiting for them”

Recall that the Oodua nation activist, Sunday Igboho was seen recently declaring Oduduwa nation as a sovereign state independent and not in any way part of Nigeria any more.

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He also said that there won’t be any campaign or election across South West Nigeria. All these are reiterated in this video. Yoruba flag

However, the new service chief has warned both Sunday Igboho and Asari Dokubo and their followers to desist from causing unrest in Nigeria or they will have the whole Nigeria military power to deal with.

Nigeria Army vows to deal with Sunday Igboho and Asari Dokubo over Biafra and Oduduwa Republic

Video of Oduduwa nation flag

Watch how the Yoruba nation flag is placed in Ekiti roundabout

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