New Oduduwa Republic currency have recently been introduced by The Bank Of Oodua. The new Yoruba nation money are 20 Ogun Fadaka, 10 fadaka and 50 fadaka.

What is the meaning of Fadaka? Fadaka means silver. Ogun means 20, mewaa means 10 and aadota means 50.

According to the Yoruba agitators, the Yoruba nation currency will be called fadaka or simply fad.

Oduduwa Republic currency Exchange rate

What will be the exchange rate for 1 oduduwa republic currency to naira?

Will 1 fadaka be equivalent to 1 dollar?

Could it be that the exchange rate will be ogun fadaka to 20 naira?

Will 50 fadaka be exchanged for 50 dollars?

These are questions that people are curious about now.

So what is the exchange rate? The exchange rate for Oduduwa Republic currency, ogun fadaka and other denominations to naira or dollars is not known yet. But hopefully, in the next couple of days or months, it will be revealed.

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Here are some reactions:

This development has received lots of reactions from concerned persons on social media. Some are in support of the Oduduwa Republic currency and some are against it.


Yoruba shouldn’t be lazy when it comes to coming up with the name of the nation. 1 Fadaka already has a meaning in the Yoruba language, if they want to call money fadaka, what will they call silver then.. even the name Oduduwa doesn’t cut it for me. we can do better.


Oduduwa won’t do at all cos we need a unique name a nice flag and a better currency that will ensure it crosses the border Yoruba nation money


Those people thinking it will be best if Nigeria is divided are yet to face reality cos it’s the same politicians that govern Nigeria that will still retain power. What the country needs are good leaders who will govern well by doing their jobs; Tribes & religions aren’t the problems.


I’m Yoruba and completely uninterested in this ridiculousness, what should happen to millions of families and children from mixed tribes, stop moving backwards Nigeria, the fact that you may feel stagnated doesn’t mean your only option is backwards, there’s such a thing as”FORWARD”.

Oduduwa republic currency Ogun and aadota fadaka

Yoruba nation money

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