A social media user identified as Abimbola Olawunmi has accused Sunday Igboho’s Media aide, Olayomi Koiki, of working against him on purpose. According to her, Olayomi Koiki Media is a traitor, a betrayer, who’s only after promoting his new media business, make money from unsuspecting Sunday Igboho and not protect his image.

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The message she sent to Olayomi Koiki on whatsapp reads “Are you with Oosa, to make or destroy him? I spoke to Wale his PA that we needed a good media person that can regulate his activities especially his press releases or video recordings before being released to the Press or on social media.. this led to your appointment. But instead of making a positive impact, you are the nightmare of Chief Sunday Igboho and one who’s bent on turning the YORUBA people against him. I can see you are with him to just live, fleece and make money off him.”

Olayomi koiki media is a traitor

She went ahead and share more light on her accusations against Koiki Media via her Facebook account, the post reads:

” That guy Olayomi Koiki is the number one suspect in the betrayal of Sunday Igboho!

I’ve had to call to deal with him, sent him messages and physically accused him.

A friend of mine who is currently in the US was with me when we visited Oosa, immediately he introduced Olayomi Koiki, everything in me spotted him as a mole, planted to know the source of everything that makes Igboho, who he is!

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I can use my eyes to pry into someone and in minutes tell you everything about that person. Trying to access him, he kept on flipping his eyes and avoiding my eyes, he wasn’t comfortable and thereafter, he avoided me anytime, I came to see Sunday Igboho.

A certain day, we planned something that included a Press Conference, while discussing with Oosa, he asked that they should call Koiki media, he came and joined us in the meeting. We arranged and concluded everything, it cost Oosa, no kobo, my friend and myself were raising the money. I tell you, before we left Soka and got home, the information and everything we discussed was already flying everywhere on social media.

Shocked… should be an understatement!

I called Oosa’s PA, he said the culprit must be Koiki media, I later found out he did. I was livid, called, he didn’t pick up, I drove there the next day, he was dodging, I got him and gave him a piece of my mind. This confirmed my suspicion that he was on a mission.

I kept on complaining to my friend and shouting that Olayomi Koiki is planted in Sunday’s house. I must tell you, Igboho Oosa gave him a Chalet, where he lived with his wife and child. I am yet to get someone to explain to me how he was already in the UK, with his family when the DSS attacked Sunday’s house because he lived in that house like he was living in his father’s house.

Other aides too never trusted him and they complained about him but I wouldn’t understand why Igboho Oosa couldn’t see it!

Not still comfortable with the guy, I was so troubled, I had to speak with #FFK to warn Sunday to beware of him. (Note: I have never met #FFK but we do chat) He promised to see to it.

Each time I speak to that my friend, before the DSS’ attacks, I would complain about Olayomi Koiki but I couldn’t say this publicly because everyone would say… hmmm, Bimbo has taken her wahala to Sunday Igboho ooo. Unfortunately, what people don’t understand is… I will never say anything without having a conviction that I’m on point!

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Nobody, I repeat… nobody, except a media person, close to Sunday Igboho, would know where the CCTV’s control and other gadgets that was taken away from Igboho Oosa’s home, was installed.

Sundays uncle that was killed while praying would naturally not have any ‘haram’ on his body, during prayers… (the way Prof. Peller was killed during prayers) an insider gave the information of the time he would be simple et al!

Two suspects around him and I’m sure if truly they were involved, hmmm, make I keep quiet.

Olayomi Koiki has questions to answer on how himself and his family managed to escape being involved when the DSS came to the house.

Stop sending your money to Koiki Media, for any reason, he is a suspected betrayal, a traitor and don’t believe anything coming from him, at this time.

Bimbo, don come abi?…. Ok o.

Whatever, #WeStandWithSunday in this journey to the end.

Eyin awo, eyin Oba odale, eyin òdàlè nibi gbogbo, ile maa da yin, laipe!”.

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