Adedotun Olumide Oniwinde biography and net worth

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This is Adedotun Olumide Oniwinde biography. We include his net worth, his company AbokiFx, age pictures and every other things about him that you may likely want to know.

Olumide Oniwinde is the founder of AbokiFx. He started the company some years back and has made a lot of furtune from it.

Olumide Oniwinde Biography and profile

  • Full name: Olumide Oniwinde Adedotun
  • Nickname: AbokiFx boss
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • State of Origin: Lagos State
  • State of residence: Lagos
  • Date of Birth: unknown
  • Age: unknown
  • Marital status: Married
  • Education: unknown
  • Net worth: 45 million US dollars.


AbokiFx is an exchange rate website. It was built for Nigerians to track exchange rate of Nigerian Naira currency with hard currencies like dollars and Euro in real time.

AbokiFx was founded in 2014 by Oniwinde Adedotun.

Net worth

After considering his website worth and his other online businesses we estimated Olumide Adedotun net worth to be 45 million US dollar, equivalent of 18. 5 billion naira

Wanted by CBN

Central Bank of Nigeria has accused him of sabotaging Nigeria currency by providing an unapproved exchange rate to its users. He has therefore been declared wanted.

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Olumide Oniwinde pictures

We’ve tried to put up pictures of oniwinde, however we’re unable to find any of his photos online. We’ll update you as soon as we’re able to tind any.

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