Ooni of ife 4th wife, Ashley Adegoke – see her photos, age

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Ooni of ife 4th wife, Ashley Adegoke – see her photos, age

If you want to know the Ooni of Ife 4th wife, Ashley Adegoke her age and see her photos, here is the post you’re looking for.

The Ooni of ife has got a a forth wife, after the 3rd one, Olori Naomi Silekunola. The 4th wife of the king Ashley Adegoke, is a philanthropist, accountant and an entrepreneur.

The 4th wife of Ooni of Ife was born in Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. She has been a lover to the king even before he married Naomi.

According to reports, the reason the first class King didn’t take Ashley Adegoke as queen then was because she was a single mother of one kid.

But since their love has continued even though not officially, the both of them have decided to make things official this year 2021.

What is the name of Ooni of ife 4th wife?

Her name is Ashley Adegoke but now referred to as Queen Ashley Ogunwusi. Her title is Aya ọba of ife and not Yeyeluwa.

Ooni of ife forth wife Photos

Here are some photos of the forth wife of the Ooni of Ife.

Ooni of ife 4th wife photo

Ooni of ife forth wife picture

Ashley Adegoke Age

Her age is not yet confirmed. We will update this post with her age as soon as we have first hand info about it.

I’ve You’ll like to read her biography, here is it: Olori Ashley Folashade Adegoke Ogunwusi biography, age & net worth

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