Payment firm targets three million subscribers in 2022

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Payment firm targets three million subscribers in 2022

KongaPay has said it is set to grow its active subscriber base to over three million by 2022.

The company said in a statement that it had witnessed a 400 per cent rise in adoption, growing from about 272,000 to 1.1 million subscribers within a space of less than three months and from 81,000 wallets when it was acquired by Zinox Group in 2018.

The Vice President, KongaPay, Isa Aliyushata, said, ‘‘KongaPay is set to take a greater share of the market, in line with the exciting offerings on the cards which we are set to unveil soon.

“We have not only enjoyed greater engagement and increased transactions from our existing subscribers but have also seen a huge leap in adoption by new subscribers.”

He added, ‘‘KongaPay is currently growing at a rate of 400 per cent month-on-month, and we are envisaging our subscriber base to hit and possibly exceed the three million mark by 2022. This is all down to the hard work still ongoing behind the scenes to make KongaPay the payment platform of choice for millions of Nigerians, the loyalty and confidence we have enjoyed from Nigerians, as well as the smart features and additional products and services we are adding to our growing bouquet of offerings.

“As we continue to take pride in our great vision to constantly solve the challenges of the payment ecosystem globally, KongaPay remains relevant in the minds of its customers with great innovation and hybrid technology solutions.”

The company said it recently extended its services to Nigerians in the diaspora as a means to boost remittance, and help suppliers make payments or receive payment for the goods and services they sell locally.

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Source: Payment firm targets three million subscribers in 2022

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