A 17 year old, 2-month pregnant lady, Kemisola Ogunniyi, who was arrested in Ondo State along with others for allegedly taken part in endsars protest has just delivered a baby in Surulere prison.

According to reports, Kemisola was arrested in Akure on October 24th 2020 during Endsars protest, while she was on her way to the pharmacy to purchase medicine for her sick mother before the Nigerian police arrested her with the notion that she looks like Endsars protesters.

Some angry youths had earlier burnt down APC Secretariat in Ondo state, Kemisola Ogunniyi was accused of having connections with the hoodlums who destroyed the property, and was charged with arson, among other offences.

All efforts by her mother to get her released from the police custody was unfruitful. Before now, she had lamented and call for help but it seem she didn’t get the help she asked for.

Mrs Felicia Oguniyi lamented, “My daughter, Kemisola was not an EndSARS protester; she never protested. We’ve spent a lot to secure her release but we couldn’t; her father lost his job over her matter and we’ve lost all we had on this case. Please help us.”

Her father also complained that the family has gone through a lot on this matter. “In fact, it has been a while since we last visited her in prison because we have nothing to offer her,” he said.

With all of these, Kemisola Oguniyi still remains in detention by the police. And now she’s delivered her baby right in the Surulere prison.

Now that she has a baby in the prison we hope that she would be released soon



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