The Police Command headquarters and the Correctional Centre in Owerri, Imo State, was recently attacked by unknown gunmen.

The gunmen broke into the prison and freed every prisoners after overpowering the policemen who were on duty.

The hoodlums attacked the police headquarters and the Correctional Centre. However, though, the anti-kidnapping unit was located at some meters away from the main offices in the police barracks, the gunmen left it untouched.

Gathered reports said that the gunmen set over 600 prisoners free at the police headquarters and thereafter burnt vehicles and looted the police armory.

The attacks which started about 1.30 am ended almost two hours later.

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It was said that the unknown gunmen took away sophisticated weapons and set the rest on fire. The Imo state police command, however, said the armoury was not looted.

A report had it that the gunmen came from Okigwe road and converged on the roundabout of the Government House, Imo State.

According to an eyewitnesses, the scene was like an action movie. He added that he has never heard the kind of gunshots he hears today since he was born.

Three persons were said to have been killed at Okigwa and Onitcha axis but we do not know whether this incident was as a result of the gunmen attack.


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