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Who is Reece Madlisa?

Reece Madlisa is a South African Rapper and Songwriter. He is a fast rising artists right now with his unique sound and dance styles. 

The young artist is the new South African sensation people can’t stop talking about due to his lyrics and captivating dance moves. His music has been a hit back to back since he came into the spotlight.

Reece has a decent social media presence, his latest music “Sithi Sithi” has more than 4 million views on YouTube, an amazing feat for a newcomer. He has almost 554,000 followers on Instagram. You can follow him on his verified Instagram page @reecemadlisa09.

Reece Madlisa real name

many of his fans are wondering if Reece Madlisa is his real name or just a stage name. The truth is that his real name is Reece Madlisa that we know him as. He has no state name.

Reece Madlisa Age

Reece Madlisa was born on September 7th but the year is unknown, this young man has kept so many things about his life private, but his fans love mysteries and can not wait to unravel everything Reece is keeping away from them.

Regardless of him not being forthcoming with his age, from his videos and pictures made available to the public he is approximated to be in his 20 and 25 years old. Reece was born and raised in South Africa. 

Reece Madlisa and Zuma

Reece and Zuma has had many songs together. They have also has featured in many other artists’ songs before he released his album in 2020, which he titled “Ama Roto ” his hit song JazziDisciples (Zelele) featuring fellow singer Zuma topped the chart 2020, the dance routine in the music video also went viral.

Some of the songs Reece Madlisa has featured in and his songs included are listed below:

  • Sithi Sithi
  • JazziDisciples (Zelele)
  • Bazooka
  • Taxify
  • Ama Roto
  • Le Ngoma
  • Umsebenzi Wethu
  • Ayeyeye
  • Hamba Nobani
  • Amaneighbour
  • Vsop
  • Sgodo
  • Ringo
  • Pepereza
  • Isphithiphithi
  • 100 Shooter
  • Le Tin
  • Onoroko
  • Jika

Amapiano being one of the leading and hottest genres in South Africa right now and one of the biggest songs in that genre featured the talented Reece Madlisa. Reece has proved himself in the South African music scene and he is here to stay.


Information about Reece Madlisa’s education is unknown.


Career Breakthroughs

Reece is signed under the record label Black is Brown ENT and Prime Hold Consulting, he has released a couple of albums under the label.

Many of his songs have generated millions of streams and one of the songs got a gold status. Reece has made a significant breakthrough in his career even as an upcoming artist his name is fast becoming a household name.

Reece Madlisa’s Memorable Moments.

For Reece Madlisa his most memorable moment his getting a record deal. This contract means his talent has finally been acknowledged and the beginning of a new dawn in his life.


Reece is not shy to share his accomplishments with his fans on Instagram, he took to his Instagram page in July to share the award he won on South Africa Music Awards (SAMAs), his song with Zuma won the Best Kwaito Album for his EP Album Ama Roto. Despite the lockdown due to the pandemic in 2020, 2020 is still one of the most eventful years yet for Reece.

Net Worth

Reece Madlisa net worth is approximately $500k. He’s a successful rapper and Songwriter from South Africa.

He make lots of money from his social media following and YouTube videos.

Other Interesting Facts.

Reece being a youth is one of the most relatable fast-rising artists in South Africa right now with his unique sound and dance styles. 

He is currently single, if he is in a romantic relationship with anyone he has not made it known to the public so ladies out there can shoot their shots and hopefully someone gets lucky.


  • What is Zuma and Reece Madlisa age? Their age is between 20 and 25 years
  • Reece Madlisa real name? His real name is Reece Madlisa. He has no state name, so what we know him as is his real name
  • how old is zuma and reece Madlisa? 21 years old

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