Reno Omokri has shared on his Twitter handle his justification for harass Buhari Out of London peaceful protests.

According to him, Buhari is a tyrant who pardon terrorists and kill innocent unarmed citizens of Nigeria.

Reno Omokri lamented that Buhari has not built even only one hospital since his 5 years in office yet has the temerity to come to London to enjoy the best of health sector in the world.

In the video he shared on Twitter, he said:

We’re here because we have a tyrant in that building, Muhammadu Buhari. This is a man on 20th of October, he sent soldiers to Lekki to kill peaceful and unarmed protesters.

What were they asking for? They were asking for good governance. Good governance that’s what they were asking for. They did not come with guns.

This is a man that is rehabilitating Boko Haram that is killing people. When his son, Yusuf had an accident, I prayed for him. Research it. Google it. And then he know send soldiers to go and kill children of Nigerians that were praying for you when your son had an accident.

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Look at this man now. He has been in office for 5 years. In that 5 years he has budgeted 10.2 billion naira for Aso Rock cleaning. That’s 26 million dollars. In that 5 years he cannot build even one hospital that cab treat you and other Nigerians.

When I was coming here some people were saying what did PDP do. The reason Nigerians voted PDP out was because this man in that building, Muhammadu Buhari said I can do better than PDP….

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This man left Nigeria the day that Doctors went on strike. Only 5% Nigerians have access to doctors. Only 5 percent.

Look at what is happening here now. You cannot build hospitals for your people and you’re now coming here to enjoy the best of the best health in a country that has law and order.

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