Paul Pogba was seen in a viral video removing Heineken drink from his table at Euro 2020 news conference. The reason why he took away the beer will be uncovered in this post.

Why Pogba removed Heineken from his table

Here is the reason why Pogba got rid of Heineken from his table. He did not know that the drink is alcohol-free. So as a devout Muslim, he was not happy having alcoholic beer placed right before him at Euro 2020 press conference.

How people reacted to it

This action of Pogba at Euro 2020 news conference has got a lot of people talking on social media. Some are already hating on him for it and some are standing for him.

According to a Twitter user identified as Nazir Afzal, “People PRAISING Ronaldo for removing a bottle of coke from press conference & celebrating water but same People are HATING on Pogba for removing a bottle of Heineken (non-alcoholic as it turns out but he didn’t know) because alcohol is against his faith”.

Afzal described hating Pogba for getting rid of Heineken as racism as the same people did jot condemn Ronaldo for removing coca cola from his table.

Another User supported this claim saying, “Ronaldo was praised for removing a bottle of coke from press conference and celebrating water, Pogba is been hated on for removing a bottle of Heineken because alcohol is against his faith. Racismo, no?”

However, some have criticized not only Pogba but also Ronaldo. One of such people is @PoojaMedia who twitted, “Pogba removed Heineken but he dey collect bonuses from UCL monies from Heineken sponsorship?

Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola & the brand have lot $4B market share since then.

Brands doing their ad placements based on money paid to UEFA & you are removing it.

They are both stupid”.

Other reasons

I admire Ronaldo and Pogba’s preferences. But they really shouldn’t be playing in a tournament sponsored by Coca Cola & Heineken. Stop with the hypocritical stunts already!

Let’s open our eyes. Coca-Cola paid Ronaldo to remove their bottles at the convenience. Pogba was paid by Heineken as well.

It’s all a publicity stunt.

You heard that they lost 4 billion dollars, that’s a lie. All these brands have a way of selling their products..


Most of the players are just arrogant, in this world when it comes to global brand nothing beat Coca Cola, infact bigger than any Competitions ever. Ronaldo name will fade away after his career but not Coca-Cola, this players need to learn .


Why didn’t Pogba reject this award? I can see Heineken boldly written on it. With much power and influence comes much responsibility. Silly behaviors should always be condemned, no matter who is involved. There are better ways do these things.


Ronaldo explained why he removed coca cola, If pogba removed it because of his beliefs he made a mistake because it is alcohol free


I don’t think Pogba or anybody else is claiming alcohol should not exist but a banner is a little different to having a bottle of alcohol placed in front of your face. It’s not as if he picked it up and smashed it against the wall. He just didn’t want it near him…fair enough 🤷🏾‍♀️

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