With the release of 2022 UTME Results, candidates have been sharing their scores all over social media and other online platforms. Usually, the release of the JAMB Results every year comes with mixed feelings from candidates.

Judging by many of the results we have seen so far, it seems a good number of candidates did quite well in this year’s UTME.

However, while it can be said that the 2022 UTME favoured quite a good number of candidates as many of them got scores well above 200, we cannot deny the fact that there are some other candidates that are not quite happy with the outcome of the examination.

So far, the highest JAMB score we’ve seen here is 354. We do not know if any one here scored higher than this.

So what’s the highest and the lowest JAMB score you’ve seen so far? Please share with us.

Source: Share the highest and lowest 2022 UTME score you have seen so far

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