Sharon Ojong: Biography, Achievements And Net Worth

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Sharon Ojong: Biography, Achievements And Net Worth

Rekana Her true name is Sharon Ojong, however she is more often and affectionately referred to as Sharon Ojong. A well-known costume designer and stylist, she is also a TV producer for Spice Fashion Channel, which has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

She was born in Calabar, where she also received both her elementary and secondary education. Both her childhood and her schooling were spent in Calabar. However, neither her birth date nor the year she was born are known.

Sharon went on to get a diploma in public administration as well as a bachelor’s degree in policy studies and analysis later on in her life.

In March of 2018, Sharon launched her initiative, and with each new collection since then, she has continued to make the case for sustainable practices.

The design of the label has continuously garnered extensive popularity among top African celebrities like BBNaija star Nengi, renowned singer Simi, famous actress Idia Aisien, Chioma Akpotha, and many more notable figures.

Sharon Ojong is a multitalented celebrity who is also highly creative and works very hard. She admits that she is the sort of person who spreads her eggs throughout many different baskets.

She is a designer as well as a celebrity stylist who has a strong desire to control the celebrity styling industry. It is hardly surprising that she chose to debut her first fashion video, titled “Children of God,” in conjunction with her Rainy Resort 2022 collection. The narrative of a troubled Afro-modern man trying to escape his past is told in the short film, which also showcases many items from the collection being worn by notable figures in the fashion industry.

Charles Okah, fashion model Bertha Amuga, Shalewa Ashafa, Kemi Smallz, Munachi Abii, and Ijeoma Aniebo are just some of the great artists that appear in the film ‘Children of God,’ which is directed by award-winning director Uche Odoh and boasts a cast that also includes Ijeoma Aniebo.

The city of Lagos served as the setting for the filming of the short film, which was a 12 minute flick highlights and featured a varied collection of church members who were united in their search for a common cause. The cast of “Children of God,” which consists of 19 people, mainly celebrates the beauty that may be found in our uniqueness and exhibits 19 different pieces of collection.

Sharon said in an interview that the movie, “Children of God,” was motivated by “love, passion, and inclusivity.” According to the well-known designer and stylist, the project consisted of a collection platform that was inspired by genuine African people with real tales, apparel that was manufactured using eco-friendly, hand-woven and hand-dyed textiles made with low impact materials for our tie-dye method, and so on. In addition, she said, “I’m glad that we were able to do that, both with the collection and the film.”

Sharon Ojong also said that she was just 23 years old when she entered Koko Mansion in 2009, and that many years later, she became the woman she had always aspired to be. She described this transformation as a “wonderful day dream that comes to fruition.”

Sharon Ojong is a person who has a tremendous interest for fashion, which she has liked since she was a youngster. When she was younger, she would dress up her friends and family members who struggled to find anything to wear. She ended up carving out a special place for herself in the world of fashion, as luck would have it.

All of Sharon’s success, which includes TV Production, Fashion Blogging, and Fashion Consulting (Fashion PR & Creative Direction), which she attributes to the extraordinary grace of the Most High God, demonstrates that she is certainly flexible.

Her private life and family

Although Sharon Ojong has not yet tied the knot, it is common knowledge that she is involved in a romantic partnership given her enormous fame and fortune in the entertainment world.

She did say, though, that she is honest in her path through life and is making it greater while being focused on her career. She believes in striking a healthy balance between her personal life, her job life, and her leisure life.

Sharon is the very definition of beauty, and she has an extraordinary amount of creative ability. She exemplifies positive behaviors that are worthy of imitation and serve as a source of motivation for those in the younger generation.

In her speech to the younger generation, Sharon Ojong encouraged the young people to each choose a goal for themselves and strive toward making that objective a reality. The advice that she gave was to “trust in yourself and know that every nice and generous thought, word, and deed makes a difference, and above all, keep God truly near.”

A Look into Sharon Ojong’s Wealth

The entertainment industry has been very kind to Sharon Ojong, as shown by the fact that she now has a net worth that is believed to be somewhere about $700.000.

A huge thank you for taking the time to read about the accomplishments, career path, and financial standing of Sharon Ojong. Your feedback is also very much appreciated.


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