CCTV and Cake has been trending on Twitter for some hours today. XYZNEWS Nigeria has investigated and try to know why. A feminist lady whose name on Twitter is Reni and her Twitter handle is @alleberryy went for her friend’s birthday, only for her to go and steal her friend’s birthday cake and drinks.

The birthday celebrants, Givo, whose Twitter handle is @giivensibekwe found her cake and drinks missing. She called her friend Reni to ask her but she denied knowing anything about the missing cake and drinks.

Unknown to Reni, there was a CCTV mounted at the venue of the birthday. @giivensibekwe and other people at the venue went to check the CCTV to know who the culprit was. Alas, it was Reni.

According to Givo (@giivensibekwe)

“I hosted a party on the 3rd of April 2021,i invited Reni, who happened to be my “friend”, i left the apartment in the morning 5am for a delivery i had &

returned by 11am, when i left the apartment my Cake was in the apartment, my bottle of Monkey Shoulder, Jameson & Champagne that my friends had gifted me was there but when I returned to the apartment at

11pm they were all missing, I called my friend Reni

Mercy Ada Jesus a Nigerian comedian is dead – see biography

(@alleberry) because she was one of the people who slept over at the apartment, she denies taking the cake and drinks & denied seeing it when she was leaving,I had already started accusing the apartment staff

when they said they would show me the cctv footage& so they did &i saw when she @alleberry and her friend carried out (stole) my cake & my drinks, i say stole because i called her to ask and she denied taking anything from the apartment. i’ve attached pictures from the cctv camera footage where she is seen carrying the items out & anyone who was at my party last night can testify that the person in the video is her and her friend who attended last night.”

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There has been lots of reactions on Twitter. Some of them are listed below:

@dammiedammie35: People are stealing cakes and wines now ? With correct CCTV proof o.

I mean is that hunger or kleptomania ? Wetin pain me be say I was just about to comment then the girl locked her page 😭😂

@chemicalbrodar: How do you steal a birthday cake? Do you cut it small small and put in your bag or do you put the whole thing under your gown and vamos?

@Wizebaba: Date a Man so that he can buy you cakes since you can’t afford it, but you refused because you are a Feminist. rat.

@zeezish_: Imagine tabling your friend’s matter on Twitter cause she stole your wine and cake. 😂😂

Social media is just exposed to everyone, not all are sensible enough to be on it.

Givo has lucked her Twitter account because of the sudden trends. However people are still talking about Reni who stole her friend’s birthday

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