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Who is Sissela Benn?

Sissela Benn is a Swedish actress and comedian. She appeared in Robins, Melodifestivalen and Centralskolan. She participated in the children’s program Gabba Gabba, a comedy show on SVT. She also hosted the show Star Jumping, an annual competition for horse jumping in 2013.

Sissela became one of Sweden’s most popular comedians with her own style of imitating different stage characters.

Sissela Benn was also one of the roles in the Swedish comedy series “The Office” which is a mockumentary, fictional series that was produced in a documentary style.

Along with Simon Svensson, Emma Hansson and Jesper Rönndahl, Benn created the comedy group “Einsteins kvinnor” (Einstein’s women).

In 2008, Benn played Marilyn Monroe in the Malmö theater play about the actress called Marilynpassionen.

In June 2013, Benn revealed she had landed the leading role in the Malmö theaters new play Sitcom – en tv-fri kväll to be started in August.

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Benn has appeared in several television series such as the comedy series Lilla landet lagom and Sverige pussas och kramas both on Kanal 5, and also Morgonsoffan on SVT.

On 6 August 2008 Benn hosted the radio show Sommar i P1 where Swedish celebrities tell about their lives.

She also currently has a role in the TV4 show Kontoret, a Swedish version of the British series The Office.

Since 2014, she has played Linda in the BBC Radio 4 sitcom The Cold Swedish Winter


  • Name: Sissela Benn
  • Date of birth: 14 May 1980
  • Lives in: Malmö, Sweden
  • Ex: Jonathan Unge
  • Husband: Sambon Hedlund Dan
  • Daughter, with Jonatan: Dalia Unge
  • Son, with Dan: Jonah Hedlund
  • Mother: Siv
  • Father: Kevin Benn
  • Elder sister: Ellika
  • Net worth: 2 million dollars

Sissela Benn Ex, Jonathan Unge

Jonatan Unge and Sissela Benn Barn got married eleven years ago. The couple has one daughter, Dalia Unge, which is 10 years old in 2022.

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Former couple Sissela Benn, 42, and Jonatan Unge, 43, make the radio drama “Shards of a Marriage” together.

Now she tells about what it is like to work together with her ex and how she has found new love with her childhood boyfriend.

Comedians Sissela Benn and Jonatan Unge tried couples therapy when their relationship was about to break up. They are up to date with the second season of “Shards of a Marriage” on P4.

The main characters Liv and Ingemar have in hubris started a podcast to guide other fighting couples.

– They want to show that it can be easy and even better to live as separated couples. But, in reality it is not.

Now that they also have a company together, that podcast, they get even more problems and secretly turn to couples therapy, says Sissela Benn.

She and Jonatan Unge had a daughter, Dalia in 2011 but went their separate ways in 2013.

Sissela Benn likes to work with her ex.

– We are inspired by our own experiences. But our lives are dry and meager so we screw it up. Last season was very much based on how we separated and how it progressed. This season is more made up, she says.

Usually it is uncomplicated. But sometimes reality comes a little too close, says Sissela Benn. One of the new episodes is, for example, that Ingemar wants to move to Stockholm while Liv wants to stay in Malmö.

Sissela Benn husband, Dan Hedlund

The first time they got to know each other was when they went to the same class in first and second grade in primary school at home in Malmö.

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Then Dan Hedlund moved – and they did not meet again until they ended up in the same high school.

– There was something between us, but both were too shy and too cowardly to do anything about it. Admittedly, Dan bought me a rose on Valentine’s Day and we were at a concert with Radiohead together. But it did not happen more than that, Sissela smiles.

Sissela Benn lives today in Malmö with Dan Hedlund, with whom she has a son, Jonah.

Dan supports her in the collaboration with Jonatan Unge.

– Jonatan is in our lives anyway considering Dalia and it has worked well so therefore it has felt okay that we now also work together.

Sissela Benn and Dan Hedlund’s relationship goes back a long way – all the way to primary school.

– We went to the same class. I was in love with him. He says he was in love with me too. But nothing happened. Then we saw each other in high school. Then it was also flirtatious, he gave me roses on Valentine’s Day one year, but we were so shy so nothing happened, she says.

Dan moved to Gothenburg. But a few years after Sissela’s separation, he appeared in Malmö.

– He had also finished, and so we saw by chance in town, and started writing to each other. It was like the third time valid

Sissela Benn children

Sissela has 2 children, a girl, with Jonatan Unge and a boy, with Dan Hedlund.

-Daughter, Dalia Unge

Dalia Unge is daughter of Sissela Benn with Jonathan Unge. Her grandparents are Ingemar Unge, Cecilia Hagen and Kevin Benn. Dalia is 10 years old in 2022.

-Son, Jonah Hedlund

Sissela has a son with Dan Hedlund. His name is Jonah. Jonah Hedlund is 5 years old in 2022.


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