Sola Sobowale net worth, biography and age 2021

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Sola Sobowale net worth, biography and age 2021

Want to know Sola Sobowale net worth, read her biography, find out about her age, family, movies, twins husband and performance in the Nigerian movie industry?

Look no further as this is the post you’ve been looking for. Take a moment a read through the life and biography of your revered Nollywood actress.

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Sola Sobowale is not a new name in the Nigerian film industry. This versatile Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, director and producer has won the hearts of millions of people through her inspiring roles in different films.

The Nollywood filmmaker appeared on the screen and worked behind the scenes for more than 20 years. She is a famous Nollywood actress who has experienced an interesting journey and gained fame due to her talent.

Sola is one of the most influential actresses in the Nigerian and West African film industry.

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Summary of Information

  • Full name: Sola Sobowale
  • Nickname: King of Boys
  • Date of Birth: December 26, 1965
  • Place of Birth: Ondo, Nigeria
  • Sola Sobowale’s age: 55 years old (as of 2021)
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Husband: Oludotun Sobowale
  • Children: 5
  • Net worth: 880,000 US Dollars
  • Occupation: Actress, scriptwriter, director and producer
  • Instagram: @solasobowale

Sola Sobowale Biography

Here you will find all the information about Sola Sobowale net worth, life style, including detailed information about her personal, family and professional life in the Nigerian film and television industry.

Early life

Sola Sobowale was born on December 26, 1965. Her parents are Joseph and Esther Olagokun from Ondo State in southwestern Nigeria. His parents are both teachers. Joseph is a retired director, and his mother Esther Olagukun is the former director.

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Awards And Recognition

Sola is an award-winning actress who knows how to interpret her roles. Some of the awards in her possession include;

  1. Best Actress in Comedy, African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, 2017
  2. Actress of the Year, Allure Awards, 2018
  3. Best Actress in a Leading Role ‘King of Boys’, Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), 2019
  4. Lifetime Achievement Award, New Vision International Film Festival, 2019
  5. Actress of the Year, New Telegraph Award
  6. Hall of Fame, Naija FM Comedy Awards

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How old is Sola Sobowale?

Sola Sobowale was born in December 26, 1965 in to the family of Mr and Mrs Joseph and Serah Olaogun. She is is 55 years old (as of 2021).

In her fifties, she is now undoubtedly one of the most mature and experienced actresses in Nigeria. She has worked in this industry for more than 20 years.


The actress grew up in Ondo State. He went to elementary school and middle school in the same area. Later he studied at the University of Ibadan, where he studied music.

Driven by her love and enthusiasm for acting, she switched to studying theater arts and obtained a bachelor’s degree in theater arts.


Sola Sobowale made her debut in the industry thanks to the help of her brother-in-law Tunji Oyelana. He worked as an actor, singer and lecturer at the University of Ibadan.

Before she started her career in film and television, Sola Sobowale parents wanted her to be a teacher like them. However, she disagreed. She argued that the teachers were not well paid.

Tunji Oyelana convinced Sola’s parents that acting is a noble profession. Later, the creative Sola Sobowale began her acting career.

With her outstanding performances in films such as “The Tailor Sura”, she became a household name in the Nigerian film industry.

She joined the Awada Kerikeri Group. There, her films proved that she has been working hard to improve her acting skills.

Her major breakthrough was in the premiere of the popular Nigerian TV series “Super Story: Oh Father, Oh Daughter” in 2001.

Because of her wonderful performance in the play, people call her Toyin Tomato, the role she played.

Sola Sobowale twins
Sola Sobowale twins

Sola Sobowale movies and TV shows

Since her debut in the film and television industry, she has starred in many film and television works. Here are some famous movies and TV shows starring this talented actress:

  • 1992: Asewo to re Mecca
  • 1998: Diamond Ring
  • 2000: Oduduwa
  • 2000: Lagidigba
  • 2001: Outkast
  • 2001: Omo Inu Oku
  • 2002: Kosorogun
  • 2003: Unforgettable
  • 2003: Tim ba’taiye Wa
  • 2003: The Outsider
  • 2003: Emotional Tears
  • 2003: Oyato
  • 2003: Okanlomo
  • 2003: Jawo nbe
  • 2004: Hope of Glory
  • 2004: Love From Above
  • 2004: Dangerous Twins
  • 2005: Total Disgrace
  • 2005: 11:45… Too late
  • 2005: Opin Irin Ajo
  • 2005: The Last Night
  • 2005: The Price of Love: Life is Beautiful
  • 2006: Nibolojasi
  • 2008: A Can of Worms 1&2
  • 2009: Disoriented Generation
  • 2010: Ohun Oko Somida
  • 2011: Family on Fire
  • 2017: The Wedding Party 1&2
  • 2017: Wives on Strikes: The Revolution
  • 2017: Christmas is Coming
  • 2018: Omambala
  • 2018: King of Boys
  • 2018: Seven And A Half Dates
  • 2019: Gold Statue
  • 2019: The Enemy I know

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Sola Sobowale and family

In addition to acting, Sola Sobowale also enjoys a good life as a wife and mother. The actress left the film and television industry to reunite with her family.

She shared that she took a break to allow her five children to get a good education.

The Sola Sobowale family currently resides in the UK.

Who is Sola Sobowale’s husband?

Sola Sobowale husband

Sola is married to Oludotun Sobowale, the former company executive director of EKO Hospital. The couple have 5 children.

Sola Sobowale twins

Two of Sola Sobowale’s children are twins. The twins participated in the script writing of the movie “Nectar”.

Sola Kosoko Net worth in naira and dollars 2021

How much does Sola Sobowale earn and what is her net worth as at 2021? As a film producer, she has brought herself a huge income, becoming one of the richest actresses in Nigeria.

Her successful career is also attributed to various other endorsement deals. Her net worth is estimated at 885,000 U.S. dollars, approximately 364 million in naira.

Sobowale is one of the most wanted and influential actresses in Nigeria movie industry and has multiple endorsement deals. Sola Sobowale is an ambassador for Mouka Foams, BSTAN Homes, etc.

She was also recognized by Globacom and represented the company along with Patience Ozokwor, Boda Shaggi and Jide Kosoko. and many more

Her discipline in this industry is a source of inspiration for future actors and actresses.

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Sola Sobowale Quotes

  • “A person who is focused on achieving goals will find life more satisfying. Continue to shine.”
  • “Life is perspective, 2 pieces”.
  • “The only thing holding you back is you. Pursue what you want at full speed, without hesitation, no doubt.”
  • “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”
  • “When you watch my movie and smile, it is a kind of treatment because you look at me very relaxed. I also teach through my movie to highlight the difference between good and evil.”
  • “Nollywood is getting bigger and bigger, and I am happy to continue to be part of this system.”
  • “Whenever you see me on the screen, you should know that God is in control.”

Sola Sobowale net worth biography

Sola Sobowale net worth biography

2 Lessons to learn from Sola Sobowale

1. Passion

Due to her aura, Sola Sobowale has warmed the hearts of many people. First, it started when she enthusiastically played the role of Toyin Tomato in the super-story series, oh father, oh daughter.

According to her, she got some testimonies from women about how she saved her marriage from divorce. Not only that, she is also a role model for various young people who are determined to make a living in the entertainment industry.

We cannot emphasize enough; Whatever your hands want to do, do it with all your might. Do your best. Excellence breeds success.

2. Be teachable

Although Sola has been working in this industry for a long time, she recently explained how Kemi Adetiba helped her dedicate everything she has to her fans.

As reflected in “The King of Boys”, Sola’s role of Alhaja Eniola Salami (Alhaja Eniola Salami) amazed the audience.

As well-deserved, she won the Best Actress Award of the American Film Association for her role in King of Boys.

In business, we must be open-minded and understanding. You can learn from anyone, even those you think are lower than you. Great entrepreneurs and champions are people who can be taught.

Sola Sobowale Movies with Best performance

See 5 movies that show beyond doubt that Sola Sobowale is talented and is one of the best actresses in the Nigerian movie industry

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