Stephanie Coker celebrates daughter’s birthday with picture book

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Stephanie Coker celebrates daughter’s birthday with picture book

Nigerian TV Host and actress Stephanie Coker Aderinokun is celebrating her daughter, Ariella’s birthday with a new picture book for children.

The award-winning media girl took to her Instagram page to proudly announce the launch of her children’s picture book, ‘Ariella & The Talking Drum’ to celebrate her daughter’s second birthday.

Sharing her daughter’s photo in a post on her Instagram page, Stephanie wrote that she got the inspiration for the book from her daughter, Ariella.

Ariella Aderinokun
Ariella Aderinokun

wrote: “Happy Birthday Ariella!!! @ariellaandfriends

You are unbelievably precious to me and you have brought so much joy to our family.

I am celebrating you today by launching a book inspired by you my darling girl, titled “Ariella and the Talking Drum.”

As a custodian of Nigerian culture and a mother, I’m inspired to give expression to passions that honour both roles.

I hope this magical story will help you and children around the world understand the importance of being content.

I’m excited to finally share “Ariella and the Talking Drum” with you all and thankful for my daughter who inspires me everyday in more ways than she knows.

Ari’s book is now available to order on & Amazon 🎊 💫
#Ariellaandthetalkingdrum #fortheculture”

In recent years, Stephanie has gone through various transitions in her personal life; from wife, to mother and most recently a titled chief as a custodian of her Nigerian heritage and culture.

This transition has brought with it new passions as she ventures into a new horizon, adding author to her list of achievements.

Culture is a big reflection of our society that forms our identities, explains beliefs and contributes to the vibrant experiences of human life in a world full of differences.

‘Ariella and the Talking Drum’ gives expression to Stephanie’s love for Nigerian heritage and the inherent need to ensure the younger generation is carried along.

The beautifully illustrated book celebrates African culture in its setting and characterization, woven through with African sounds.

The book is centered around a little girl’s encounter with a princess, which brings about lessons in gratitude, contentment, and kindness.

Every act of kindness towards ourselves has a rewarding effect that makes our lives better.

It also allows us to connect with other people and build meaningful relationships.

Stephanie Coker Aderinokun while speaking on the launch of her debut children’s book, said: “This book has been in the works for a while and I’m excited to finally share it with the world. Inspired by my daughter, ‘Ariella and the Talking Drum’ is not just a kids book but a tale that celebrates our culture, and Nigeria’s rich history. It is also a heartwarming story, and with all African tales, there are lessons to be learnt.”

The book is one of the many projects that the media entrepreneur has in the pipeline.

“Ariella and the Talking Drum” is now available to Preorder on Amazon and with the festive season just round the corner, it is the perfect gift for the little ones.

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Source: Stephanie Coker celebrates daughter’s birthday with picture book

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