Stephanie Okereke Biography, Net Worth, Movies & Husband

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Stephanie Okereke Biography, Net Worth, Movies & Husband

Stephanie Okereke Linus is a well-known name in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, having worked as a model, actor, director of films, and producer. She is lively, talented, adaptable, and vocal in her opinions.
Okereke has been working in the Nigerian film industry since the late Nineties, during which time she has pushed the boundaries of what is possible. In addition, she is one of the women in the industry who paved the way and made it easier for younger generations of women to succeed in an industry that was previously dominated by men.

Stephanie Okereke Biography


Stephen Okereke Linus was born Stephen Onyekachi Okereke on 2nd October 1982 in Ngor Okpala, Imo State Eastern Nigeria. Her mother Mary and her father Chima Okereke have a total of eight children; she is the sixth kid in the family.

As a result of the fact that she was brought up in Delta State, she completed both her elementary and secondary school in that state. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and Literary Studies from the University of Calabar, which is located in Cross River State. She was able to get this degree there. After that, she enrolled in the New York Film Academy, from where she received her diploma in 2007.


Okereke had always been passionate about acting since she was a young age; however, she confirmed in an interview that everything became clearer, and her yearning for the industry was more profound the moment she graduated from high school. Okereke had always been passionate about acting since she was a young age.

She began acting when she was still in her teenage years, landing parts in films such as Compromise 2 and Waterloo, both of which were released in 1997. Okereke came in third place in the 2002 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant, which Stephanie participated in the same year. After that, she went on to star in a number of hit movies in Nollywood, both as an actor and in directing and producing roles. She was honored with a number of accolades for the outstanding parts that she played in each film.

Recently, she was a member of a campaign to stop gender-based violence against women. As part of this effort, she created and distributed two short films under the titles The Student and Bad Police. She also directed both of these films.

Stephanie Okereke Movies

Listed below are movies Okereke has starred in over the years;

  • Compromise 2
  • Waterloo
  • Pretender
  • Blind Justice
  • Aristos
  • Emotional Crack
  • Genesis of Love
  • Private Sin
  • Queen Sheba
  • The Cross of Love
  • Together as One
  • Beautiful Faces
  • Critical Decision
  • Deep Loss
  • Diamond Lady: The Business Woman
  • Dream Lover
  • Eye of the Gods
  • In the Name of Love
  • Last Girl Standing
  • Magic Moment
  • Mama-G in America
  • Miss Nigeria
  • More Than a Woman
  • My Mother My Marriage
  • Official Romance
  • Promise & Fail
  • Promise Me Forever
  • Right Man for Me
  • Sensational Spy
  • Strength of a Woman
  • To Love Again
  • Virgins Night Out
  • Working Class Lady
  • A Time to Die
  • Days of Bondage
  • Guys on the Line
  • Lonely Hearts
  • Ola… the Morning Sun
  • Omalinze
  • Price of Ignorance
  • Princess of Wealth
  • Royal Battle
  • Street Fame
  • Windfall
  • Woman on Top
  • Behind the Plot
  • Daytime Lovers
  • Efficacy
  • Shut In
  • Sitanda
  • The Law Students
  • The Preacher
  • Upside Down
  • A Time to Love
  • Governor’s Wife
  • Mission to Nowhere
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Through the Glass
  • Nnenda
  • Reloaded
  • Dry
  • Make Me Fabulous
  • Boonville Redemption
  • The Student
  • Bad Police


Okereke is a celebrity who has been honored with a number of honors and recognitions in the industry; in fact, she has been given so much praise and acknowledgment in the business that she is regarded as something of a legend in the Nigerian film industry these days. You may see a list of some of her nominations and accolades down below:

  • 2003 – What a Year Awards in the category of the Best Actress
  • 2003 – she won the Reel Awards for the Best Actress (English) and the Best Actress of the year
  • 2004 –  she won the Afro-Dublin Awards as the Outstanding Actress
  • 2004 – she also won the FilmMakers of Nigeria for the Award For Excellence
  • 2006 – She won the Afro Hollywood Award as the Best Actress
  • 2013 – Montage Africa Women of Excellence Awards she won the Achievement in drama and entertainment Award
  • In 2015 she won the Best of Nollywood Awards Movie With the Best Social Media Award alongside nominations as Best Actress Leading Role, Best Director, Movie of the Year
  • Also in 2015, she won the Bentonville Film Festival for the Best Protagonist
  • During the 2015 ZAFAA Global Awards, she won four awards in the categories of Best Actress, Best Film, Best Producer, and the Best Director
  • 2016 – During the 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards she won Best Nigerian Film, and was nominated for Best Film, and Best Director
  • 2016 – She also won the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Overall Movie (Africa) and nominations for Best Director and Best Movie West Africa
  • Pan African Film Festival Programmers Award she won the Narrative Feature
  • 2016- Nafca Okereke won the Best Actress In Leading Role and Best Overall Movie and got nominations in three other categories such as; Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Drama Film
  • During the 2016 DALA awards, she won the Face of Nollywood (Female)
  • 2017-Truth Awards for the category of Best Supporting Actress


In April of 2005, Okereke was engaged in a serious vehicle accident that left her with burns all over her body and a fractured leg. The accident occurred while she was on her way to the African Movie Academy Awards, which were hosted in Yenagoa, which is located in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

At a private wedding ceremony held in April 2012 in Paris, France, the actress wed her longtime boyfriend, Linus Idahosa. In addition to the actress’s family and friends, a large number of Nollywood actresses and actors were in attendance at the event. In October of 2015, the couple became parents for the first time to a boy named Maxwell Enosata Linus.

Stephanie Okereke Net Worth

Currently, the mother of one is said to be worth $4 million from all her many ventures.

She has received so much praise and acknowledgment in the industry that she is regarded as something of a legend in the Nigerian film industry these days. Okereke is a celebrity who has been honored with a number of honors and recognitions in the industry. In fact, she has been honored with a number of honors and recognitions in the industry. You can find a list of some of her nominations and honors farther down on this page:

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