Sunday Igboho and other Yoruba Nation agitators in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, today Saturday 15th May, 2021, for the Oduduwa Republic rally.

Sunday Igboho, who Stormed the streets of Osogbo For Yoruba Nation Rally arrived Oshogbo around 1:38pm and was welcomed by crowd of other Oduduwa republic agitators who had been on ground since the early hours of today for the rally.

An eyes witness explained that, Sunday Igboho stormed the capital city of Oshogbo with a convoy.

Men of the Nigerian Police and DSS had earlier barricaded the venue of the rally, Nelson Mandela Freedom Park to make it impossible for those who come for the Yoruba nation rally from gathering.

But they left the venue when they realized how organised and fantastically coordinated the  tumultuous crowd were. They were peacefully singing pro-Yoruba songs and anti-Nigeria melodies without a dint of

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The crowd, led by, Arc. George Akinola, the Secretary-General of llana Omo Oodua, Dr Akin Adejuwon, Head of l00 Youth Development and other Agitators, expressly declared that the actualisation of Yoruba Nation is an idea whose time has come, affirming that their rights to self-determination is “Inalienable”

Yoruba nation rally Osogbo

Picture from Yoruba nation rally Osogbo

Sunday Igboho while speaking at the rally in Oshogho today declared that there won’t be any election in Yoruba land in 2023.

He added that the Yoruba nation should depart Nigeria now saying Yoruba is no more slave to the northerners.

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Igboho sought for Yoruba unity, adding that all the aggrieved should come together  for  resolution. Igboho also noted that Gboyega Oyetola, Governor of Osun State, allowed the Yoruba nation rally to hold the rally in Osogbo, Osun and also made provision for security.

Source: Yoruba Nation

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