T D Jakes Net Worth 2021 – Things To Know

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T D Jakes Net Worth 2021 – Things To Know

In this article, we are going to talk about T D Jakes Net Worth 2021.

However, Preaching and Pastoring is a difficult task to do, as it requires lots of effort and time.

By seeing history, we can conclude that there are the most prominent names of pastors who devoted their lives to religion and spirituality.

They wanted to make people connected with God.

This devotion benefited them in the way that they got so much fame and money by this Pastoring.

They are well known by the world and their followers.

They are having a large number of followers, who are obeying them and making them more famous.

In this article, we will discuss the life and suffering of T.D. Jakes, a famous name in the top pastors in the world.

Have a look at this article and get to know more about Thomas Dexter Jakes.

Before starting, let us introduce you, TD Jakes.

The real name of the TD Jakes is Thomas Dexter Jakes.

He is a well-known Bishop, filmmaker, preacher, teacher, and book writer from America.

Nevertheless, He is serving in the field of Pastoring for many years and has made many followers who make him famous and a millionaire.

The Early Life

T. D. Jakes real names are Thomas Dexter Jakes.

Starting with the life of TD Jakes, he was born in West Virginia, on 9 June 1957.

He gained his education and training in West Virginia.

Now coming to his pastoring experience, he became pastor at a very young age of 25.

At first, he was hired as a pastor in the Greater Emanuel Temple of Faith in West Virginia.

He joined a group of 10 members in this temple.

His journey of pastoring started in 1982 then slowly and gradually, he became more prominent in this field of pastoring and preaching.

In 1988, he was upgraded when he joined the ‘Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies’.

This institute made him learn so much about spirituality and religion.

The Success Story of T. D. Jakes

T. D. Jakes was able to make much success between the years of 1988 to 1995.

However, he founded his own organization named “TDJ Enterprises” during those years back.

This organization published his books and writings.

In addition to that, he started writing on religious topics.

During the time of 1995 and 1996, he also became a famous host on Radio, by hosting the program ‘Get Ready’

In all his jobs, he kept the spirituality and religious lessons at the top.

That wasn’t the end, he moved ahead to established a church named “The Potter’s House” in Texas 1996.

He developed the church for many years and he became well known to all the regional churches and pastors.

The Most Memorable Events in T. D. Jakes life

The memorable events of his life are in 2005 and 2009.

In 2005, he hosted an event for President George W. Bush and followed by an important official visit to Hurricane Katrina.  

In 2009, he hosted an event for President Barack Obama at St. John’s church in America.

He even did a speech at the Inauguration Ceremony of President Barack Obama.

Career Life

Now talking about the career of T. D. Jakes, whose career started when he established the Potter’s House in 1996, which was basically a non-dimensional Mega Church in Texas.

At the start, it was having only 15 members but rapidly the membership of the church grew more and more.

Moreover, the membership grew from 7000 followers to 14,000 followers in 1998.


Talking about the achievements and awards received by TD Jakes, he is well-known in the field of the Pastoring and guidance.

He is most followed and was awarded many certificates and degrees.

In the 46 Grammy awards, he was awarded for “A Wing and a Prayer” nominated as the best album of the year.

Moreover, it’s said that he stands on the list of the most influential religious and spiritual leaders in America.

Who is T. D. Jakes Wife?

T.D Jakes got married to the love of his life Serita.

However, Serita Jakes is a famous author and she has published several books.

Because of her writing career, she has gained much popularity.

Moreover, one of her most famous books is “Besides every Good Man”, “The Princess Within for Teens: Restoring the Soul of a Woman”, “Describing your Royal Inheritance”.

In addition to that, She also runs the Church with his husband.

Interesting Fact about T. D. Jakes

Now, we will tell you about some interesting facts about T. D. Jak’s life.

  • Since his childhood, Jakes was named “Bible Boy” because he was always attracted to religion and the Bible.
  • Jakes has also contributed to Hollywood. Till now, he had done roles in 8 movies and has plans to do more in the producing role.
  • Is this man the next Billy Graham? This title was given to Jakes, by Time Magazine in 2001, featuring Jakes on the cover page.
  • T. D Jakes always loves to experiment and try new technology. Whatever new technology is introduced, Jakes is the one, who uses it and admires it.
  • T. D. Jakes is really kind-hearted. He not only promotes and supports his own church, but he also promotes the other churches.
  • Once TD Jakes commented on the issue of Homosexuality and LGBT in 2015. He said that he is not in favor of this idea, but he respects their constitutional rights and identification. He never made harsh comments on any community.
  • T. D Jakes has written more than 30 books on the topics of motivation, encouragement, spirituality, and connection with God.
  • He’s has been awarded over 50 awards which include; Ebony Magazine’s Power 100, BET Honors Award, Stellar Award, McDonald’s 365, Black Award, Keeper of the Dream Award, NAACP Image Award, and many more.
  • T. D. Jakes is currently living in a mansion worth $5 million dollars and cars of millions worth.
  • The Potter’s House is the non-ordinary church with a very unique and different from other churches.
  • TD Jakes is having some of the amazing and expensive cars, in the world.
  • T. D. Jake’s wife “Serita Jakes” is also an exceptional author and writer.

What is T. D. Jakes Net Worth 2021

T D Jakes is enjoying the fame of being one of the most powerful, strongest, and Richest Pastors in the World.

Currently, T D Jakes net worth is estimated at $20 million.

According to the latest survey, T D Jakes owns a prominent position in the richest pastors in America and worldwide.

He has provided his family a luxurious life, having all the high quality of facilities.

However, the mansion in which he lives is of luxurious material and it contains four garages.

He is fond of costly cars. Being a millionaire, he is living like a king.

Moreover, he spends on his family what he earns from writing, direction, production, church income, and teaching.

T. D. Jakes is really fond of having expensive watches such as Gold and Rolex brand.

T. D. Jakes Books

Talking about the books of the T. D. Jakes, he is known as a great author in America, who is influential in spiritual books.

However, six of his books from his collection are nominated as the Best National Religious books.

Since 1993, millions of copies of his books are being sold within America and worldwide.


We hope you found this article on T D Jakes net worth interesting and informative.

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