Tariq’s Biography And Net Worth

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Tariq’s Biography And Net Worth

Tariq, known by his stage name, has his birth name as Tariq Oluokun. He is a fast-upcoming and talented Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter.

Date, year and his actual place of birth are not known. Tariq is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, doing exploits in his musical career. Nothing much is known about his family background.

He is a graduate of the University of Lagos.


Tariq’s Music Career

Tariq began his music career few years back and has made significant progress in the profession.

He was shot to limelight with his latest release, ‘Bad Intentions’. The song was a success, ranking in the top 100 on the Apple music chart in Nigeria.

Tariq is indeed a talent, young, creative and full of energy to surprise the world in the coming years. No doubt, he is one of the acts to look forward to in 2022 and beyond.

The gifted singer is blessed with a fine voice, known for his heartfelt storytelling, excellent stage performance and his brilliant ability to blend distinct genres.

Tariq has a unique musical style, he terms ‘Afro-Rhythm’, which encompasses the contemporary Afrobeats, Hip-hop, Classic R&B and Pop.

He recently released his debut, ‘Son of The Moon, a song he claimed

has lived with him from his very young age.


Tariq added that the song is all about love, unrequited feelings, and self-confidence with two defining tracks-‘Signals‘ and ‘Bad Intentions‘.

His ability to cleverly put things together depicts his creativity to artistically convey his desire to find love on purity, faultlessness and reciprocity.
The song, ‘Son of the Moon’, has five good tracks.

 Tariq has so far released good number of songs, including:

  • Emotion
  • Bad Intentions
  • Signals
  • Dear Insecurities
  • Be Mine (ft. Blaqbonez & Ria Sean), still counting.

Tariq is currently signed under Chocolate City Music Record label.

His Relationship

Tariq is not yet married, perhaps in a relationship with his growing popularity and wealth in the music industry.

He is a young, vibrant music star, more focused and determined in making it big and winning laurels in the profession.

Tariq’s Net Worth:

Tariq is presently doing very well as a young musical artiste with an estimated net worth of about $100,000 dollars.

He has remained a prominent Nigerian singer on social media with large fan base of over 30,000 on Instagram alone. You can reach or follow Tariq on:

Instagram @tariqforkeeps
Twitter @tariqforkeeps

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