Tatiana Manaois: Biography And Net Worth

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Tatiana Manaois: Biography And Net Worth

Tatiana Kamale Tatiana Manaois is a common and affectionate nickname for her, even though her true name is Muna Manaois. She is a rising star in the R&B, pop, and new age music scenes in the United States.

She entered this world on October 22, 1996, in the state of California, in the United States. Tatiana was born and raised in California, where she also completed her primary schooling and her further education.

In 2010, Tatiana launched her career as a singer and since then, she has had a huge effect on the music business.

She rose to prominence in the music business after posting a number of cover songs on her YouTube channels. Among the artists she covered were Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Chris Rene, all of whom were well-known at the time.

Since then, Tatiana Manaois has published several excellent songs, such as those included on the albums ‘Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain’ and ‘Lovely,’ the latter of which includes smash singles such as ‘Helplessly’ and ‘Like You,’ amongst others.

Tatiana is a very gorgeous vocalist who also has a great deal of artistic ability and aptitude. She is proficient on a wide variety of instruments. She is skilled on the bazz guitar. Helplessly, the first song released under her name, was also written by her.

The young American music sensation has already recorded a number of songs that have become hits, some of which include the following:

  • Kiss Me Into the New Year
  • I want it to be you
  • That New York Shirt
  • Speaking of Love
  • Everything Changed
  • Again and Again
  • Summer Marie
  • No Like You Care Anyway
  • Heaven
  • Difference, among many others.

She has a beautiful soprano tone and is a skilled vocalist as well.

Currently, Tatiana is signed to her own record label, which goes by the name Tatiana Manaois Label.

She has maintained a significant online presence, maintaining a strong fan following that includes more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 150,000 followers on her Instagram profile.

Her private life and family

Tatiana Manaois has not yet tied the knot, but it is widely assumed that she is in a committed relationship given her immense riches and degree of fame in the entertainment industry. She is, nevertheless, a lovely young girl with a lot of skill who has already made a significant effect in the world of music.

Tatiana Manaois Net Worth

It is believed that Tatiana has a net worth of more than $3 million dollars because to the success of her career in the music industry.

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