Tech talent marketplace MVP Match raises $5 million

Tech talent marketplace MVP Match raises  million

Tech talent marketplace MVP Match raises $5 million

Tech talent marketplace MVP Match raises $5 million

MVP Match, a tech talent marketplace matching talented tech professionals to companies, has raised $5 million in its seed funding round from Stage 2 Capital, to improve its efforts in pairing companies with talents globally.

  • The marketplace startup will use the fund to build new hubs in Africa and Europe, grow its employee base, and relaunch its proprietary platform towards finding and working with tech talent seamlessly, it claims.
  • The Germany-based startup plans to grow its team in Egypt by launching a new hub in the country to enable easy access to talent from Africa and create a network in the region. The startup has existing hubs in Portugal and Georgia which focus on helping its over 100 clients hire local talent without jurisdiction rigour or legal hassles.
  • Founded in 2020 by Levin Wense and Philipp Petrescu, MVP Match lets employers and companies access tech talent across data, product, and design among others. It acts as Employer of Record, that is, managing the recruitment process including the establishment of local offices and talent onboarding– cutting down the times it takes to hire for companies and the paperwork involved.
  • Wense, MVP Match founder claims the startup lets their clients and global companies scale their products and engineering teams nearshore and also provides a complete legal structure for companies to hire local talents without a physical presence.
  • The startup uses its product and technology stack to screen tech talent before matching them with companies. Its client base includes Voya Financial, PwC, Paddle, Heycar, Taxflix, and Wefox among others.


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Source: Tech talent marketplace MVP Match raises $5 million

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