The Story behind gudugudu meje ati yaya mefa

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The Story behind gudugudu meje ati yaya mefa

Gudugudu meje ati yaya mefa is one of the popular phrases the Yoruba people of South west Nigeria use when they want to sing praises of someone for performing excellently well.

For instance, they can use this word when a politician is performing well or when an individual is going extra miles to serve humanity.

But what is the story behind it? How did the Yoruba people come about this phrase? In this post, you will find out the history behind this popular Yoruba gúdúgúdú méje àti yàyà méfà.

Here’s the history Gudugudu meje ati yaya mefa

In the colonial days, there was a white man officer by the name, Hezekiah Shunklebottom. He was a very tough man and everyone feared him.

Some high Chiefs from Ibadan went to give some oral reports to him in his office in Lagos. He considered the report to be a good one.

And while they were presenting their report to him through an interpreter, Hezekiah Shunklebottom kept on saying good! good! good!… and Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!… in excitement.

One of the chiefs counted the number of goods and yeahs to be 7 and 6 respectively.

Now when the chiefs got back to Ibadan, they told their people how Hezekiah Shunklebottom had received their reports with excitement. They added by saying, “Oyinbo ṣe gudugudu meje ati Yaya mefa.

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