Top 5 Sites To Get Free US Phone Number For Online Verification on Android or iOS

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Top 5 Sites To Get Free US Phone Number For Online Verification on Android or iOS

As a Freelancer, you may be involved with a website that requires you to be a US citizen or resident in order to register. Being a U.S. citizen or resident merely entails possessing one or two U.S. Social Security numbers. You may not be able to register if you are neither a citizen nor a resident of the country.

US Phone Number is not only required by freelancers, but also for registering and chatting on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. You may have also encountered chat ups from friends with a U.S. number and wondered how they do it.

Evidently, you are on this page as a Freelancer, Technologist, Blogger, etc. This US Phone Number generator that I will disclose to you can be generated and used on any Device, including Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

You will be able to obtain Code (OTP) for verification with these phoney phone numbers, and you can use them to register on any platform. To acquire a free US Phone Number… Keep reading…

A Free US Phone Number Is Required For Online Verification.
A mobile device or laptop (Be it Android, iOS, Mac, Pc, Windpad, etc)
An Active Data Connection Site for US Number generation (Listed Below)
Best Websites To Generate Free Us Phone Number

If you are looking for the best website to obtain a free Disposable US Phone Number for Online Verification, listed below are the five most effective websites.

With the websites listed below, you can obtain temporary numbers from other countries throughout the world, not just the United States.

Using a Temporary-Phone 1.

Website for Free US Phone Numbers

You can obtain verification code from the website or app, such as Google Voice, Apple ID, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Zao, Baidu, Huawei, and more.

Temporary Phone Number is a generator for disposable phone numbers that works for numerous nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, and France, among others. Over 1,459 temporary phone numbers are listed on the website.

How It Operates

Visit the website for Temporary Phone Number.
Copy Any US Phone Number and use it to signup on the Platform.
Tap the Us phone number you copied to obtain your Verification code.

NOTE: If the copied number has already been used by another user to register on the platform, tap on the copied number, then scroll down and press on Random Numbers.

Click HERE to generate Temporary Phone Numbers from other countries.
Making use of To Generate a Free United States Phone Number

TEMP NUMBER enables you to generate a free temporary phone number capable of receiving SMS from anywhere in the world. When using Temporary Disposable numbers to register on any Platform, it is simple to obtain an OTP for the number used.

How It Operates

To generate a free US Phone Number on Temp, visit the website for Temp Number and select United States. Use any United States Number to register. If the registration requires you to provide an OTP, tap on the copied US number, scroll down to obtain the OTP, and then copy and use it to verify the US phone number.

Using to generate temporary phone numbers for free

FreeOnlinePhone provides its users with numerous free virtual phone lines for verification in various countries. You can select a number based on your geographical location. In addition, although the numbers given on the website are public, the application must be kept confidential.

Use one of the numbers provided on the page, then select one of the numbers to view the SMS sent to it.

Utilizing for online Authentication

The receive sms online website provides a variety of temporary phone numbers for your usage. Choose between Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. There is a good selection of numbers, but the majority are landlines. Again, the communications you get here are online and hence accessible to all users.

Use one of the numbers provided on the page, then select one of the numbers to view the SMS sent to it.

Using To Generate A Free United States Phone Number

Smsreceivefree enables you to obtain a temporary, disposable, and free number for online verification. With an unique design that provides rapid access to everything, you can choose Canadian and American phone numbers.

You can also select a phone number from key cities in Canada and the United States, such as Ottawa and Vancouver. You must register to obtain a link to your email before you can view the numbers.

Additionally, the temporary phone numbers change every month, guaranteeing that you always have access to a new number. The disadvantage is that all the numbers you receive are public, so anyone can view the texts you receive.

How It Operates — Select a country > Choose and provide a number > To read messages, click the number.


Temporary numbers provide an additional layer of privacy and can serve as a free phone number for verification purposes.

With the stated Top 5 websites to get a free U.S. phone number, you can effortlessly preserve your privacy or register on any platform that requires a country-specific phone number.

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