Free Us Phone Number — As a Freelancer, you might be involve in an Online earning site that requires you to be a US Citizen or Residing in US before you can register. Been a US Citizen or Residing there simply means you have either one or two US Number in your possession. Simply because you are not a Citizen and also not residing there, you might not be able to register.

US Phone Number not only needed by freelancer, you might need it to register and chat up someone on Social media apk like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. You also might have come across chat ups from friends with a Us number and wonder how they do that.

It’s obvious that you are either on this Page as a Freelancer, A Tech, Blogger, etc. This US Phone Number generator i will be revealing to you can be generated and use on any Device, either or Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

The amazing part is that, you will be able to receive Code (OTP) for verification with this fake phone numbers and they can be used to register on any Platform. To get your free US Phone Number…. Keep reading…

Requirement To Get A Free US Phone Number For Online Verification

  • A smartphone or Laptop (Be it Android, iOS, Mac, Pc, Windpad, etc)
  • An Active Data Connection
  • Site to generate the US Number (Listed Below)

Best Websites To Generate Free Us Phone Number

Looking for the best website to get free Disposable US Phone Number for Online Verification, below are the top 5 working website.

Not limited to US Numbers alone, you can get temporary numbers from other countries worldwide with the sites below…

1. Using Website for Free US Phone Number

Receive SMS online free from all over the world, No additional conditions and no need to register, You can receive verification code from the website or app, like google voice,apple id,gmail,facebook,whatsapp,telegram,twitter,instagram,yahoo,zao,baidu,huawei and more.

Temporary Phone Number is a Disposable Phone Number generator that works for many countries and among it is United State, United Kingdom, Russia, Netherland, Germany, France, etc. There are over 1459 temporary phone numbers on the website.

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How It Works

  • Visit Temporary Phone Number Website.
  • Copy Any US Phone Number and use on the Platform to register.
  • To get your Verification Code, tap on the Us Phone Number You copied.

NOTE: If number you copied has been used by another member to register on the platform, tap on the number you copied then scroll down a little bit and tap on Random Numbers.

  • To generate Temporary Phone Numbers from other countries, TAP HERE.

2. Using To Generate Free Us Phone Number

TEMP NUMBER allow you to generate free Temporary Phone Number that cam receive SMS from around the world. When you use Temp Disposable numbers to register on any Platform, you can easily get OTP for the number you used.

Free Us Phone Number

How It Works

To generate free US Phone Number on Temp, Open Temp Number Website and tap on United States. Select any USA Number and use it to register. If the registration requires you to enter OTP, tap on the Us Number you copied, scroll down and you will get the OTP, Copy and use to verify the US Phone Number.

3. Using to generate free Temporary Numbers

FreeOnlinePhone offers the users various free virtual phone numbers for verification, across different countries. You can choose a number according to the geographical location. Plus, while the numbers listed on the site are public, the application has to be discreet.

Free Us Phone Number

How It Works — Just use one of the numbers listed on the website, then select one of the numbers and you can see the SMS that reach that number.

4. Using for online Verifications

Receive sms online website offers a list of temporary phone numbers that you can use as you want. Choose from countries like Canada, United Kingdom, and USA. You have a good variety here, but many of the numbers are a landline. Again, the messages you receive here are online, and so can be read by everyone.

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Free Us Phone Number

How It Works — Just use one of the numbers listed on the website, then select one of the numbers and you can see the SMS that reach that number.

5. Using To Generate Free Us Phone Number

Smsreceivefree allow you to get Temporary and disposable free Number for Online Verification. With a distinguished interface that gives quick access to everything, you can select numbers from both Canada and US.

The other thing that you will like is that you can choose a fake phone number from major places in the two countries, like Ottawa and Vancouver. You need to sign up to receive a link to your email first, and you can then view the numbers.

Free Us Phone Number

Additionally, the temporary phone numbers change each month, ensuring that you can get hold of a new number whenever you need it. The downside is that all the numbers that you receive here are public, which means anyone can see the texts you’re getting.

How It Works — Choose a country > Choose a number and provide it > Click the number to view messages.


Temporary numbers add an added layer of confidentiality and can act as a free phone number for verification that you want.

With the listed Top 5 website to get free Us number, you can easily protect your privacy or register on any Platform that requires a specific country number before registration.

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Source: Top 5 Sites To Get Free US Phone Number For Online Verification on Android or iOS

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